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Contradictions during war and peacetime

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How the contradictions of war create the second front and the contradictions in the administration of unjust laws

(3rd edition [re-edit] - Dec 2010) by A.O. Kime
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Contradiction: 1: the act of contradicting 2: a proposition, statement, or phrase that asserts or implies both the truth or falsity of something 3a: logical incongruity 3b: a situation in which inherent factors, actions or propositions are inconsistent or contrary to one another

There are so many contradictory situations it seems realities can't exist without them. Even our very existence has contradictions... not to 'add up'. Certainly no government action is free of contradictions. In justice and civil matters, they could be the result of conflicting interests but wars produce contradictions of another sort... they are gut-wrenching and tear at the soul.

In short, contradictions can muddle, modify or dilute.

In order to gain a better sense, it is often helpful to look at inconsistencies in unusual ways… it often highlights aspects otherwise obscure or thought meaningless. So too, relationships to the whole might be better understood. For instance, within an action a ‘mistake’ could be considered as if existing within a parenthesis. In other words, as if existing in brackets regardless of the surroundings… as if each mistake is independent from the implementation of a chosen course of action. The same could be said about ‘illogical’… that it exists independently (as if in brackets) in an otherwise logical setting.

Also, if upon an ethical and moral foundation a logical course of action is formulated, this is fertile ground for subsequent logic of a rational and meritorious nature. On the other hand, an illogical course of action often produces second-rate logic. That's because it is being influenced by the counter forces of doubt, frustration and guilt. Amidst wickedness, logic loses its luster.

Logic within insane asylums

So too, sanity exists within insane asylums - a contradiction. For example, management discussing staffing arrangements.

So, even within the framework of insane situations, or within unjust or illogical courses of action, logic exists (albeit tainted)… but since it isn’t pervasive, it exists only as if being in brackets. Within these circumstances then, logical decisions are made and carried out, even though the whole matter is corrupt. These logical acts - albeit alien to the whole - unfortunately have the effect of making the illogicalness of the whole seem more logical.

It creates the wrong impression.

While this curiosity is frequently applicable to social issues, it is invariably the case with wars. After all, battlefield successes, however insane the war… erases doubts. Leaders can then count on victory to erase the rest. This illustrates how these ‘distractions' can make it harder to keep an eye on the ball.

While invariably the contents of these little brackets are alien to the whole (such as good within evil or visa versa), it makes them contradictory. And - within a 'civilized' mindset - wars contain contradictions (killing, etc.). It creates chaos in the mind of almost every combatant. It is a war within a war... the second front.

The battle of the contradictions

Amidst the horrors of death and destruction, furiously battling each other are doubt and duty. In a constant state of contradiction - as if anti matter - they cannot peacefully coexist. While acts are usually morally and ethically resolvable, the contradictions within wars are largely irresolvable because the distinctions between acts of right and wrong have been altered. They are either reversed or go against the grain.

Of course, intermingled with war are honor, fear, courage and regrets.

Further, these contradictions are surrounded by the idea that ‘civilization’ has the option to sanction wholesale killing. It is the mother of all contradictions because 'civilization' is supposed to be a foundation whereupon wars have no place.

As if being the mentor of mankind for the last 2,000 years, civilization not only has taught men about ethics, morality and justice but it encompasses all we hold dear... yet it often asks we set it aside temporarily. It's as if God himself had changed his mind.

It is spiritually unnerving to see an about face - as if a weakness in character - especially since it weakens the very foundation on which we stand. So, on any given battlefield, there are always at least two conflicts taking place, one on the ground and the other in the soul.

If, for example, it could be said that a particular war was necessary, and thus logical, then only the decision to go to war was sane. The rest of it, the prosecution of the war, is driven by an eerie illogical madness. Whether cook, supply sergeant or infantryman, everyone is driven by this strange force, as if alien, as if 'justified evil'.

In one sense, evil was called upon to lend a helping hand. In another, it indicates anarchy is civilization’s fallback point... although a poet might say "someone opened Pandora’s Box".

Even though evil has no face - of no known physical consistency - men nonetheless know it ethereally… well enough, obviously, to just create it. When evil does exist however, oftentimes it won’t fit into any bracket. When pervasive, it becomes the essence… not the exception. Goodness, then, is put into brackets.

While war is sometimes justified, nonetheless it unleashes a madness wholly comprised of moral contradictions. It is all-consuming and any outward signs of sanity are a façade.

Even though the aggressors could be considered the evil party and the defenders innocent, it doesn't matter... within the insanity of war the logical aspects exist in brackets. While most commanders probably know when the decision to go to war was insane, they still try to conduct it in a logical fashion.

Peacetime contradictions

This applies when people do something wrong as well… because invariably they’ll find some justification for it. While overall their action could be considered wrong, the justification they declare exists in brackets... although, in a judicial sense, poor excuses have smaller brackets than good excuses.

It can apply to government wrongdoing as well. For example… valid arguments can be made about how to administer an unjust law (or regulation) just the same as if they were reasonable laws and regulations. Similar to the case with wars, despite the fact a law may be inherently unjust, efficient administration tends to legitimize them. While good administration and good battlefield decisions influence the public, they do so honestly even though they are co-conspirators in a sense.

Then there is public relations (PR) inserted to help insure legitimacy. While public relations could be considered good old-fashioned salesmanship... except salesmanship belongs to the private sector, not to politicians or government. It is a business practice and governments aren't a 'business'.

Since public opinion is often instrumental in shaping public policy, its manipulation bends the true sentiment and thus becomes a contradiction. However, unless this manipulation is continually nurtured the contradiction will eventually dissolve. While wars have a finite lifespan - the end of which would put a stop to those contradictions - contradictions in peacetime last much longer and are more damaging.

A recent example... the manipulation of public opinion about smoking and the resulting laws which were created through ballot measures, meaning majority rule. Except, majority rule is no substitute for justice. For centuries it has been referred to as the 'tyranny of majority rule'.

Citizens can immunize themselves from the effects of psychologism however… the commonly-used tactic of 'applying psychological conceptions to the interpretation of historical events or logical thought'. It would help stop the ‘dummying-down’ process vital for this type of psychology to work. As it is, anyone who watches TV is being victimized.

Actually, we should put television sets in brackets as well... having no resemblance to reality.

Some brackets can be eliminated however by declaring war on political correctness... the purveyor of whitewashers. After all, warped realities are contradictions too. Political correctness is a far bigger threat to freedom and justice than terrorism.

A.O. Kime

“Facts rarely see the light of day; to often be hastily buried… any lingering half-truths are but ghosts of a fact.” A.O. Kime

Last modified: 03/08/16