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The ousting of tyrants... a timely matter

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Why the year 2011 became the impetus for political change worldwide... tyrants beware

(1st edition - February 2011) by A.O. Kime
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More than any other year in recorded history - even more than any of the 1930s - 2011 is shining its light on tyrants. It’s not just shining its light on three or four either… but a whole handful. In fact, 2011 is shaping up to be the year destined to expose hundreds. And, it’s about time.

After repeatedly saying for years that “it’s about time”, I finally got the attention of the year 2011. Yes, apparently 2011 could hear me. Seemingly it was smart enough to realize that - in being a ’year’ - it was indeed about ‘time‘. After all, God has surely grown impatient.

Plainly - after countless centuries - mankind has failed to crush the common habit of allowing tyrannical rule.

Characterizing a tyrant

Depending on how one wants to characterize a tyrant, they rule either almost everywhere or entirely everywhere. Yes, even in a democracy tyrants exist. It isn’t just a lack of oversight that creates a tyrant - or the backing of a powerful army - but they also exist due to the creation of supporting ‘creative’ laws. Oftentimes mere regulations can create a tyrant.

For example, a creative law could have within it the carefully worded authority to start a war without the consent of Congress by not calling it a war. Or else have within it the carefully worded authority to suspend Habeas Corpus for a number of reasons. A regulation supporting a tyrant would be one which - carefully worded - effectively suspends a freedom. For all practical purposes, ‘effectively suspending’ is the equivalent of ‘suspending‘. Regulations surround almost everything we do and each are designed to ’inhibit’.

Of course, rigged election results enable them to stay in power.

But election results don’t have to be rigged to get the needed result… elections can be bought. To wit: all the money thrown into campaigns.

The spotlight wielded by 2011... tyrants beware

While North Africa is in the spotlight today and for good reasons - and with the spotlight also beginning to focus on the Middle East and Asia - it shouldn’t be long before 2011 shines it on the rest of the world. It will even spotlight those tyrants in America who would resort to anything to keep their seats and positions. They are tyrants, after all, because their lust for power is the common denominator.

Nor will 2011 forget the career bureaucrats… those who are in this profession solely to create a power base. For these despots, it’s all about prestige, money and power, not about ’serving’. While they’re only minions compared to full-blown tyrants, their mind is nonetheless consumed by the same lust for power. It is a disease afflicting perhaps three of five bureaucrats worldwide.

Of course, anyone who lusts for power - an evil matter - are prone to becoming megalomaniacs if given the chance. Still, even the lust for power alone is enough for them to allow - and justify - violence and death in order to maintain control.

Perhaps we - as a civilization - should begin citing the number of deaths each tyrant allowed and put it on a scorecard. Civilization doesn’t seem capable to do much else. Whether 50 deaths or a half million, we could rank these tyrants. We could etch these numbers on their tombstone. What might be written on one’s tombstone is the concern of every human being... especially egomaniacs.

Put we citizens in charge of legacies, say I… not the insiders who glorify each other.

Violence, money and the great phenomenon

Only in some countries - like America - has political violence been effectively eliminated. While throwing money at something is a more civilized way to accomplish the same thing, invariably the reasons are either unethical or downright evil. While it would be hard to rank ‘civilized’ politicians - like how much money they spent trying to buy their election or how crooked they were otherwise - their misdeeds should somehow be reflected on their tombstones as well.

While the formula for what should be written is a matter for justice to decide but let it forever be known who was a rat. What God does with them afterwards is another matter.

Although writing something nasty on a tyrant's tombstone is woefully inadequate as punishment, the suggestion just points out the miserable realities that civilization allows to exist. There's no room for tyrants within such an ideal.

So apparently then, our savior isn’t to be a person but a year. How ingenious this disguise!! After all, the authorities can’t discredit, imprison or kill a year. Nor can it be nailed to a cross.

But how is 2011 - merely a year - pulling this off? Well, perhaps this will explain... comprised of a consortium of years it was history who set the stage for this greatest play on earth and evidently 2011 took over as director. It was 2011 - from all indications - who screamed to the top of its lungs "'action!". It was surely heard across the entire universe. While this colossus event is somehow related to the phenomena of time and light - neither of which has yet to be fully understood - apparently each revolution around the sun creates another set of realities (or influences). Is not each year different often for unknown reasons? As for human participation, “all the roles are up for grabs“ seemingly said 2011.

Hail to the year 2011... thou shalt be known as great and powerful!!

A.O. Kime

Last modified: 03/08/16