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Juror Compensation in America

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Juror per diem pay for jury duty... state-by-state

During the past 20 years we've seen some increases in the amount jurors are paid plus some innovative ideas … most notably the "Lengthy Trial Fund" (pays up to $200/day) as adopted by Arizona and Oklahoma. As another innovation, New Mexico now pays jurors the federal minimum hourly rate which - for an eight hour day - would amount to the highest daily rate in the nation.

However, a couple dozens states - citing 'patriotic responsibility", etc., etc. - still pay jurors peanuts while at the same time have no qualms about paying judges and prosecutors fat salaries. Jurors an integral part of the justice system - just as indispensible as any member of the court - and should be paid accordingly.

While the intention here was to refer only to statutes, often they could not be found on some government websites in which case our links go to their FAQ page (if any) or ‘juror handbook’ page (if any). According then, for those which provided juror information, all the per diem rates listed below are believed current as of January 1st, 2015 and the hyperlinks refer only to official documentation.

Note… locating information about jury duty on these government websites was often difficult and, in a few cases, no information could be found at all. It would seem, therefore, some states are demonstrating their belief the jury system is not an integral part of government. Yet, juries are indicative of justice and justice is indicative of good government.

Juror information on government websites should be easily found.

"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution." Thomas Jefferson

Juror compensation as of January 1, 2016 (updated each January)

NOTE: While these compensation rates apply to trial jurors, in most cases they also apply to grand jurors... (click on the individual state links for any further information). The following links go only to official government agencies, state bar associations or legal document providers such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Alabama - $10/day plus 5 cents mileage… go to Code of Alabama and then enter search for 12-19-210

Alaska - $25/day after 1st day  (plus mileage as allowed state employees)… see Jury Service

Arizona - $12/day (plus mileage as allowed state employees)… see ARS 21-221 Also see Arizona's Lengthy Trial Fund which provides $40-$300/day after 4th day

Arkansas - $50/day (mileage unknown)... see Juror's FAQs

California - $15/day after 1st day plus 34 cents mileage... see Code of Civil Procedure (then scroll down to section 215)

Colorado - $50/day after 3rd day (employers to pay the first three) plus unspecified mileage... see Jury/FAQs

Connecticut - $50/day after 5th day (if fully employed, employer to pay regular wages the first 5 days otherwise state will pay up to $50 for expenses)... see FAQ

Delaware - $20/day after 1st day (no mileage)... see Title 10-4514

District of Columbia - $30/day if not paid by employer (plus $4 travel subsidy)... see District of Columbia Courts

Florida - $15/day first 3 days if not paid by employer, $30/day thereafter (no mileage paid)... see Title 5, chapter 40.24

Georgia - government website not juror friendly.. no information found

Hawaii - $30/day plus 33 cents mileage... see FAQ

Idaho - $10-50/day plus mileage (rate determined by the county)... see Jury and Jurors

Illinois - $4 to $40/day (?? - gobbledygook) plus minimum 10 cents mileage... see Sec. 4-11001

Indiana - Varies among counties - find county website links at Serving Jury Duty)

Iowa - $30/day first 7 days, $50 thereafter (plus reimbursement for mileage & parking costs)... see Jury Service-FAQ

Kansas - government website not juror friendly... rate unknown-believed varies between counties (see You and the Courts for what little info the state provides)

Kentucky - $12.50/day (mileage not specified) - see Jury Duty

Louisiana - government website not juror friendly... no worthwhile information found but the following was provided by one of our website visitors: From the 19th Judicial District, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge Louisiana dated July 7, 2008: "People on jury duty for state court and people serving on state grand juries are paid $12 a day and for their mileage to and from home." (16 cents mileage) People selected for state petit juries get $25 a day and mileage, according to the Jury Management Office. Federal grand jurors and petit jurors are paid $40 a day and mileage for each day they report for service whether they serve on a jury or not. They also are reimbursed for parking.

Maine - $10/day plus 15 cents mileage... see Title 14, §1215 (to be increased to $15/day on July 1, 2016)

Maryland - $15/day plus 30 cents mileage... see Jury Service

Massachusetts - $50/day after 3rd day (no mileage), employer must pay the first three days... but NO COMPENSATION the first 3 days if unemployed or self-employed... see Massachusetts Jury System

Michigan - $25 first day, $40 thereafter (plus mileage but rate unknown)... see Office of Public Information

Minnesota - $10/day plus 27 cents mileage... see FAQ

Mississippi - government website not juror friendly... states only "A juror is paid a nominal fee" (directed to the Jackson County website)

Missouri - $6/day plus 7 cents mileage (it could be more depending on the county and other factors)... see Chapter 494, Section 494.455

Montana - $25/ day plus mileage (mileage rate unspecified)... see http://courts.mt.gov/hr/policies_table  (then search for "3.0 Jury Fees and Expenses")

Nebraska - $35/day (complex mileage rate)... see Section 33-138

Nevada - $40/day plus 36.5 cents mileage and meal allowance... see NRS 6.150

New Hampshire - $20/day plus 20 cents mileage... see Title LI, Chapter 500-A

New Jersey - $5/day first 3 days, $40 thereafter (no mileage paid)... see Juror Basics

New Mexico - pays by the hour the federal minimum rate plus 45 cents mileage... see Juror Handbook (note: paying jurors by the hour the minimum hourly rate is far better than the norm)

New York - $40/day (mileage unknown)... see FAQ

North Carolina - $12 first day, $20 next 4 days, $40 thereafter (no mileage)... see FAQ

North Dakota -$50/day plus 51 cents mileage... see North Dakota Juror's Handbook

Ohio - varies by county (set by the Board of County Commissioners)

Oklahoma - $20/day plus mileage as set by the State Travel Reimbursement Act (plus parking allowance)... see Oklahoma Statutes , select Title 28-Fees then scroll down to §28-86-Jurors’ fees. It also includes information on their Lengthy Trial Fund which provides up to $50/day beginning 4th day, up to $200/day after 10th day)

Oregon - $10 first 2 days, $25 thereafter plus 20 cents mileage... see Juror Handbook

Pennsylvania - $9/day the first 3 days, $25 thereafter (mileage, if any, unknown)... see First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (then click 'jury service' at the top of webpage)

Rhode Island - $15/day (mileage, if any, unknown)... see Title 9, Section 9-29-5

South Carolina - varies by county... see juror compensation

South Dakota - $50/day plus 37 cents mileage... see Jury Fees

Tennessee - $10/day plus10 cents mileage... see Tennessee Code (then search for "22-4-101. Per diem and travel allowance"

Texas - $6/day minimum to $50/day maximum (rate and mileage varies among counties)... see Juror Information

Utah - $18.50 the first day, $49 thereafter (plus 25 cents a mile over 50 miles, one way)... see Juror Information (then click FAQs)

Vermont - 30/day (mileage, if any, unknown)... see Jury Information Page

Virginia - $30/day (mileage, if any, unknown)... see Answer Book for Jury Service

Washington - $10/day minimum, $25 maximum plus mileage reimbursement... see FAQ (RCW 2.36.150)

West Virginia - $40/day plus round trip mileage (rate unknown)... see FAQ

Wisconsin - Rate varies among counties (but not less than $16/day)... see Circuit Court Contacts

Wyoming - $40/day plus 56 cents mileage... see US District Court - District of Wyoming

NOTE: For U.S. district courts, U.S. courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, the juror compensation rate is $40/day plus mileage (w/other provisions)... see FAQ (federal judiciary website)

Last modified: 12/21/15