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Population crisis ignored… doomsday in sight

The reasons the world is proving unable to support the growing population, the obvious remedy and the resistance

(1st edition - May 2016) by A.O. Kime
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Undoubtedly, it is the most ignored subject on the face of the earth - the least talked about and the least whispered. Yet, it is surely on everyone’s mind… maybe not daily but often.

Like the plague the subject is avoided… although not unlike a plague.

While it is somewhat a mystery why people don’t talk about the mushrooming world’s population - perhaps due to a variety of psychological reasons - as soon explained it is perfectly clear why governments, the national media and the conglomerates don’t talk about it.

More specifically… surely it is believed the number one reason for the problems in the world today is that there are simply too many people. Whether it is believed there are 10 times too many or just five times… it‘s still too many. As of March 2016, it was estimated at 7.4 billion and is expected to increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100. Clearly folks, these figures will never work… it’s a boat overloaded and destined to sink.

Seemingly though, the earth and mankind might survive if societies could cut it down to around 2 billion… as it was during the 1920s. Or maybe even 3 billion as it was during the 1950’s.

The situation

As it is, every natural resource is threatened and that includes the habitat of wild animals, aquifers and on the verge of collapse is the once-balanced food chain The oceans, lakes and rivers are under pressure in a variety of ways and farming is nearly stretched to the limit. In addition, the excessive mining and number of factories necessary to support such a huge population is causing damage to the environment in other ecological ways such as releasing damaging chemical pollutants. Then there is the growing mountains of trash and the ocean dumping.

And, among the other problems created is ‘global warming’ (assuming it‘s a fact).

While smoke stacks and auto emissions are blamed for global warming - in the end it is the result of too many people. Carbon dioxide is therefore the effect… not the cause (as so often stated). It is typical however… the authorities often cite an effect as the cause to avoid addressing the underlying problem.

Also evidence of a breakdown is the rampant drug use and rise in suicides. In large part it is to escape the realities of today’s hectic pace which in turn is caused by too much competition for everything desirable. For some, the realities which this creates are too bizarre to handle… and compared to yesteryear it’s a pressure cooker intensified. While one can point to more direct reasons - dozens upon dozens - most would boil down to the fact of too many people. Seemingly, the only ‘laid back’ people left are hermits and ‘screw the world’ retirees.

Anyway, all this to accommodate the ever growing population.

Cataclysmic by any standard

At the current rate of growth, it doesn’t take a genius to see were heading for an utter disaster… cataclysmic by any standard. It would be on a par with Noah’s flood and the catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs. Stop-gap measures will only do so much for so long. Plus, these counter measures will prove too expensive to maintain.

So why haven’t we heard much or anything about it?

Well, governments haven’t brought it up because having more and more people is good for business (which in turn is good for the economy). Businesses, after all, rely on an ever-expanding market for their goods and services. Since the industrial revolution they’ve grown dependent on growth. For their bottom line, the more people the better…but that’s kicking the can down the road. They are simply ignoring the ultimate consequences.

Even city, state and county governments are guilty… they all want more people. But aside from being good for business, governments also benefit directly… it means more people to tax.

For a variety of reasons the national media doesn’t want to mention it either; (1) it would run counter to the interests of their advertisers; (2) it’s not dramatic, entertaining or scandalous (disasters are dramatic but not looming disasters) and; (3) they are not totally committed to informing as evidenced by the trick questions they pose to candidates running for office (‘got-cha’ questions don’t inform voters on anything worthwhile but instead are formulated to entertain tabloid-style).

And, lastly, congressmen won’t mention it because they want to get re-elected (seen as political suicide to suggest population controls). Of course, they could be forthright if there were term limits.

Like a prairie overrun by rabbits, too many people will prove disastrous. And, by any measure, disastrous situations are already developing… soon destined to be full blown. Short of drastic measures - unprecedented in scale - most of the damage will soon prove irreversible.

Eerie beyond belief

It is absolutely eerie… the authorities will act when the land is overrun by prairie dogs, rabbits and alligators yet do nothing when overrun by people. And, having too many people is proving worse.

Furthermore, at some point in crowed conditions the gift of life becomes a curse… especially for the destitute. And, at some point, even life for the well-to-do will become intolerable. Instead, the idea should be to keep the gift of life precious for the greatest number and that means keeping the population in check. Of course, it also means paying livable wages (maintaining the middle-class).

So what drastic measures might work?

Well, that‘s the problem. How can societies stop people from having so many kids? While it would be extremely unpopular, perhaps adopting China’s “one child per couple” policy which they implemented for a couple decades. Or, although even more distasteful… forced sterilization.

While stripped of the right to freely bear children makes a mockery of ‘rights’ - and except for China has never knowingly been enforced before - but what choice do societies have? If societies don’t do it soon the result will be utter disaster. The disaster will begin with millions dying each year from starvation… and that‘s already begun to happen. But it will get far worse… surely to be in the tens of millions. And, for a scrap of food killing will intensify.

While Mother Nature might see this as a ‘natural remedy’ - in that starvation is the usual way too many creatures are thinned out - but why let it get to that point?

Or get to other horrible or previously unthinkable points?

However, in the interim some things could help such as tax benefits for those with few or no children… penalties for those with too many (say, by denying benefits). At the very least it would bring attention to the matter… prepare people for what could come next in the event volunteerism isn’t working.

In need of great salesmen

Who knows… perhaps the best salesmen in the world can get together to create a powerful message in favor of birth controls. With the right pitch - along with Republican backing - voluntary compliance might work well enough (at least in the U.S.).

For the unwanted excesses - the ‘pro-life kids’ born in the back alleys - the households of the Republican and other pro-life holdouts (i.e., Catholics, Mormons) could serve as the depository. After all, pro-lifer’s don’t have the right to shovel off to taxpayers the cost to raise these kids.

Their successful interventions makes it their baby… their responsibility (a law of the wilderness). In lieu of that, stiff fines could be imposed and used to benefit schools and the homeless.

But what about countries that won’t do anything to stem their population growth? Say, like India. Well, to begin with, one could impose sanctions… refuse to trade with those countries. In order to work, every country would need to be on-board. One culture can’t be allowed to grow while others don’t. Yet, who knows what will be seen as a last resort to enforce compliance. To save the world, seemingly the authorities would have only horrible and unthinkable options to choose from.

Seemingly the option should be chosen by committee since no single leader should have to bear that responsibility. It would likely be on a par with ordering World War III.

However, total collapse won’t happen suddenly… it will occur over a period of several years, maybe over a couple of decades. Yet, the slower it happens the harder it is to recognize… and that’s exactly the case today. In short, the collapse has already begun… although with effort still reversible (for awhile).

But even when the damages become irreversible most people will be in denial for a time. They won’t believe they’re witnessing the death throes of a planet… that the end of mankind will soon follow. Things will begin to crumble sporadically - here and then there - and then gradually intensify. One crisis will soon come on the heels of another … faster and faster.

Most devastating will be the mass exodus of people from the first of the ruined countries and this ‘spillover’ will further accelerate the process… more-so in countries with open borders. It will be like the Syrian exodus only worse.

Stop-gap measures

For each threat posed by too many people the infrastructure has had to expand almost to the point of being too costly to maintain. Bridges and highways are in need of repair nor do dams last forever. Of course, the authorities will try to assure everyone their solutions will work and while they might work in a few cases, it would likely be too little too late.

Again, the point is… why let the situation get out of hand? While maybe the world is still good for the next 20 or 30 years, the closer we get to doomsday the harder it gets to fix.

We can count on it though… governments, businesses and some religions will fight the idea of population controls tooth and nail… and all for selfish reasons. While only governments can organize a drive for birth controls - and the hard part - for the individual it would be easy (to comply).

After all, how hard is it not to get pregnant? Certainly it’s not about putting people on chain gangs or making them pick cotton. In fact, there’s no labor involved at all.

Furthermore, welfare for ‘welfare moms’ should be phased-out… they shouldn’t be rewarded for having more kids. As for fathers who won’t pay child support… their lives could be made even more miserable.

Anyway, if we don’t do something soon our children will have a living hell to contend with… and they’ll rightfully blame us.

While we can still find a few unpolluted streams running here and there, some vast stretches of undisturbed land, some remarkable landscapes, exquisite homes, great-looking neighborhoods with playgrounds and ballparks, see games being played or the friendly wave of a railroad engineer, behold a beautiful sunset or happen upon a bevy of quail, these things are not representative and deep down we know it. They are only the best of a world in dire straits.

Instead - considering the urban squalor, widespread hunger, growing trash heaps, continual contamination, overtaxed infrastructure - to allow the population to continue growing unfettered is absolutely insane.

As one good thing disappears after another... that's our world's way of saying goodbye.

A.O. Kime

Last modified: 05/23/16