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Two Septembers

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Two phenomenal events entitled 'Two Septembers'

by A.O. Kime - (updated February 2009)

It is curious why people don't like hearing about spiritual experiences, or about one's ability to make contact with the spirit world... invariably convincing themselves the claims are fraudulent or the person 'touched'. Also curious, and ironic, is that even fellow believers doubt each other. Mainly though, it's because they don't want to believe... not because they don't care about the subject, but because they don't want to believe others have this ability. Yet, since there is nothing more personal than spiritual matters, or more subterranean, the explanations go deeper.

While 'not wanting to hear' usually equates to 'not caring', that's not true in these cases. It might only seem people don't care if someone else saw an angel, or could speak to the dead or had the ability to recall a past life. They just don't want to hear about it because, quite frankly, they're jealous. While it's far too personal as a conversation piece for most people, nonetheless the overriding reason is jealousy... which nobody with those abilities can truthfully deny.

The most apparent reason concerns our chances for immortality, specifically our 'standing' (in relationship to others) and such abilities are taken as a sign of markedly good progress. It boils down to a matter of 'competition'. Of course, this would say the 'seating' in the afterlife will be limited.

However, it's also due to the fact we have developed a comfort zone with our beliefs, or what we might believe is possible, and to consider another concept - or to incorporate a new one - requires extensive reassessing and that's often unsettling. We'd rather go to the dentist.

Hopefully however, the manner in which the following tale of "Two Septembers" is presented (objectiveness, frankness), will overcome this emotion. Whether doubts remain about the events described below doesn't matter... only the possibilities matter.

While it's difficult to label ethereal matters (spiritual phenomena) due to the shortcomings of language (semantics), as some phenomena seem 'different' than others - as if they could be categorized - in the greater sense it doesn't really matter what the following events are called, they're candidates. However, others might say they were just cosmic phenomena except we don't often know when (or whether) some event involved some type of spiritual phenomena. Nonetheless, you'll soon see how (and why) they can be one-in-the-same.

Two Septembers

For a year or so, I wasn’t planning on revealing these events anyplace else except in my book STD LEX since it involved witnessing two supernatural events. I became more embarrassed about it, more uneasy mentioning them. While many people keep ‘sightings’ to themselves for fear of ridicule, but at the time I wrote STD LEX I didn’t care what people might think. With a somewhat different attitude now, I've decided to go ahead. Besides, I kept telling myself, the cat was already out of the bag.

Talking about it face-to-face is still out of the question however... I'd rather shield myself behind carefully chosen written words.

Even though I described them in my book, I had a strange sense the episodes may have been meant to be private... that I was betraying a trust. I did it anyway believing I also had an obligation to the human race, as if a greater one. Only recently did I realize I may have only betrayed myself... as if having revealed a company secret to a competitor.

Do I really think they were meant to be private? Frankly, I do... although these events can surely happen to anyone predisposed to the idea. For months prior to the first one I witnessed, I was begging and praying to see something spectacular and undeniably spiritual, at least something unexplainable. I even swore and demanded.

Why? Well, I was heavily into writing poetry at the time and was sensing something profound was happening when I wrote, as if not actually doing the composing myself. Perfectly apropos words were popping into my head and my verse took its own direction as if having a will of its own. The resulting messages, while in the ballpark of what I was striving for initially, turned out to be much more than I felt capable of producing. They became profound (I thought).

The thing about it is…many of these perfectly apropos words were not in my vocabulary, I had to look them up in the dictionary to see what they meant. To my utter surprise almost every time, they were the perfect words I sought... incredibly fitting. Even more amazing, they had to have the correct number of letters in order to work. You see, my metaphysical poetry must be perfectly proportioned, that's just my style... now my trademark style. After finishing, which may have taken all day and night, they contained truths I never knew before or even considered. In other words, I was learning as I wrote.

I should be clear; I’m not suggesting I am unique for experiencing this phenomenon while writing, although at the time I thought I was. I later discovered a lot of writers know about this and call it either ‘automatic writing’ or else the muse (of Greek mythology) were responsible… an ancient belief these nine goddesses inspire writers, poets, artists and musicians. So it happens to other writers too... whatever is responsible.

For months during this time, I was looking for a sign of approval and/or more solid evidence that indeed the spirit world existed. I was looking for physical proof to support my sense that it did (in fact) exist and was somehow affecting my writing. I had just enough doubt however and if I had not witnessed these events (which I'll soon describe), I probably would have quit writing. Without a sign of approval, such as the courtesy of a phenomenal demonstration, would have told me my work was unworthy therefore I was wasting my time. In short, I was at a point that, without a pat-on-the-back, I would have quit. I was getting tired of being kept in the dark, wondering if these things were really true.

Whether other writers ever sought additional proof the way I did, I don’t know... but if they frequently experience the muse, then they're got a good chance at being successful. In other words, they've got the right frame-of-mind... although it's just a starter. In short, being especially privileged is not restricted to just a few. I am totally convinced anyone can call upon such ‘demonstrations’... those mentally predisposed. This phenomenon can be known through divine intelligence and is often referred to in my other articles. It shouldn't be any surprise that among those other things required is an overwhelming desire (to make it happen).

In reading the following you'll surely be thinking 'space junk' was involved in the first event, but even if it was, it wouldn't necessarily lessen the phenomenal aspect (explained under the heading "happenstance and phenomena" further below).

From page 172 of STD LEX :

----Back to the story of 1998...during an evening stargazing from my porch (in SE Arizona) and while always attracted to 'twinkling' stars, one caught my eye. At first I thought it was a twinkle but it continued to grow very bright until it was somewhat brighter than the surrounding bright stars but appearing about the same size. The ‘star’ then abruptly disappeared completely after 2-3 seconds. The same thing occurred again about 5 minutes later, only this time roughly 1 degree more southerly. Believing it might occur again; I retrieved my binoculars to identify it but was of no particular help. During the next twenty minutes or so, it happened 4 more times but the next one was off to the left slightly (½ degree) and still more southerly, then twice more (dimmer these two times) down and to the right again. The last sighting was further left than previously but bright again. These were erratic positions relative to each other if indeed it was the same 'object'.

Although appearing to be a celestial body, I felt it must have been something in orbit because it seemed unlikely 6 distant stars would do 'this' in a half-hour span. They were not common satellites either. What I witnessed was absolutely stationary each time (during those 2-3 seconds) then revealing itself again in a different location. I'm not claiming a UFO sighting either as I saw nothing with form as the binoculars confirmed, it was more like a white light beacon than a reflection. I had wondered, perhaps somewhat distant explosions (but not novae), say within our solar system, or closer, within lunar orbit possibly.

In the past I have witnessed a few fleeting glimpses of what I thought might be phenomena of some type, hence my interest but I remained skeptical, I'd wonder if my senses betrayed me but this, finally, was sustained. Yet I wondered if I witnessed some sort of laser tests from Fort Huachuca 60 miles to the southwest. Were these ionized plasma blasts or electromagnetic pulse experiments? ---

Now, before expanding on that, I should point out something else incredibly strange that happened. When this page of my book was being written, if you’ll notice at the beginning (up above) it says “back to the story of 1998”. Well, that very night in 2000 when I was writing about this 1998 event, another phenomenal event occurred. Either it was an incredible coincidence or else there’s some connection... next is how I described it in my book. (Note: in my book, the paragraphs below were immediately prior to those above):

--- Very early this morning while awaiting coffee to brew, something dawned on me. It was almost exactly two years ago, September 14th, 1998, when I saw a strange object in the sky in the late evening and this was the 16th.

I went outside to look up at the stars several times except I had a problem, trees were obscuring my view. Tall pines surrounded me; I could only see a patch of sky directly above and easterly. What I saw 2 years before was almost due south, up 60 degrees from the horizon then about 10 degrees west. I remembered that night, still heavily into my writing like this morning, frustrated I had never seen a sign of approval. I needed encouragement badly; I think I swore for weeks, pleading. During that evening, between 8:00-8:30 PM, I saw something very odd six (6) times over the course of this half-hour.

But hold on, something’s happening again, just now! It’s about 3AM and after about my 5th trip outside to look up through the only patch of sky I had, as I was walking out, to my right, through the trees, a 'star' was flashing wildly, the most violent twinkle and brightest I had ever seen.

My first impression was perhaps tree branches were interfering and then I realized there was no breeze. I walked further out to a spot where I could clearly see this 'star'. It was a clear view; I was trying to be sure the pines couldn't possibly be interfering. And there it was, a greatly enlarged star with the wildest flashing 'twinkle' I'd ever seen on a scale 10 times more violent. It was huge, 3 or 4 times larger than any other star but it was otherwise motionless; it stayed in the same spot, unlike what I saw 2 years ago. After about a half-hour, it began to settle down but while it was the most active, several extraordinary large white flashes occurred, besides its wild twinkling. There were numerous times that red flashes were evident and a few times blue. Apparently the scientific establishment said nothing about this event to the news organizations.

It's five minutes past 4:00 AM now, I just checked on that star, it's still there but looking more normal now, just twinkling, and nothing unusual but looking one/third its previous size. I'm thankful this happened and, to verify my sanity, I had timely awakened a grumpy witness who also marveled at this star. This witness became no longer grumpy.---

As this event was occurring, I tried to write about it in 'real time' and managed the 3rd paragraph above but the rest was added later. It was strange circumstance I found myself in, as if a reporter stumbling upon an unfolding event. The coincidence seemed as bizarre as the event itself... I was thoroughly dazzled by it.

Before I try to expand on either of these, I just want to say how profound I think it was that while writing about one, I see another. You must understand… these were the only two major events I’d ever seen. At the risk of damaging my credibility, which by claiming even two could, but by ‘major’ I mean there were also a few ‘minor’ ones I saw since 1997, unexplained phenomena, but they were, relatively speaking, minor, not so dramatic or long-lasting.

Why mention it then? Well, I’d feel insincere if I didn't. I am perfectly aware how damaging too many ‘sightings’ could be to one’s reputation and for my own good it might be better if I never saw another, or if I did I shouldn’t admit it. Yet, in almost everything I write, I'm either stressing, referring to, mentioning or hinting at the fact we can be more in touch with the spirit world if we want. How can I write about the possibilities and then deny the results?

The September mystery

I should also point out I didn’t see anything during September of 1999, 2001 or in 2002 and I think it's clear why I didn’t. Of course, that's assuming strange events are faithfully occurring every September, or that September is somehow 'my month'. During 1999 and 2001, having recently lost my farm I was preoccupied with trying to make a living in a city (Tucson, Arizona) and I wasn’t in the right mood... my mind was on practical matters plus the city lights and noise were distractions. That leaves 2002 to explain.

Well, the conditions were right, a relatively secluded area 15 miles north of Payson, Arizona, actually perfect for such a mood, and I wasn't working except for putting the finishing touches on my book. Even though I was not needing further verification then nor was I wanting to 'use up' a favor, I looked anyway, not sure if it would be disrespectful if I didn't. In short, I didn't really try to see anything. To justify my 'feeble' outings, I felt the chance to see another marvel was saved, not spent.

Will I bother to look this year... 2003? Yes, but for different reasons. Not because I need spiritual verification but to assess the reliability of these extraordinary events (whether faithfully occurring) and to search for any connected scientific explanation. By 'connected', I mean scientific explanations are not always the full explanation.

As to whether these strange events are limited to just September, that question will have to wait.

At some point later I concluded 'exclusive presentations' can't be ruled out just because other people saw the same phenomena. In other words, an event could occur for an exclusive (personal) reason but that doesn't mean others couldn't see it. For example, if a play was staged for an honored guest others in the audience would also see it.

Who knows... perhaps those I saw were staged for someone else.

Whether 'staged' or not, it's also possible these are recent occurrences. If something this bizarre had been happening for many years, we would have surely heard about it. However, episodes like the one in 1998 could have been missed. Even though it occurred six times, it only lasted 2-3 seconds each time. Yet, the 2000 episode (the giant flashing star) was continual for almost an hour but it still didn't make the nightly news (as far as I know).

Of course, that's assuming it was reported (I didn't report it for reasons I'll soon explain). The media also requires verification (other sources) or convincing film footage. Well, other witnesses (save one) were unlikely... three o’clock in the morning is awfully early. Yet, people are reluctant reporting such things... like the reluctance of airline pilots to report what they believed were UFOs. This probably includes astronomers.

A week or so after I saw the first one in 1998, I decided to write to the Kitt Peak Observatory in Tucson about what I saw. I expected an answer but didn’t get one. A few weeks later I sent a copy of that letter with a note to the University of Arizona observatory (Mount Graham). They didn’t answer me either so it seems both observatories thought I was whacko or didn't want to dignify it with an answer.

Seeing the futility in it, I didn’t bother to report the 2000 event. Yet, an observatory should have seen it, I saw it and my witness saw it, and it lasted almost an hour, maybe longer since I didn’t know when it began. However, because it was low in the sky, only 10-15 degrees above the horizon, might explain it. Since telescopes are always pictured being aimed upwards maybe astronomers don't bother with horizons. Yet, being southerly it would have been higher in Mexico and even higher in South America. Perhaps too, astronomers are preoccupied with a given task and not just scanning the sky.

Further details

The 1998 episode wasn’t much more than already stated... and it certainly wasn't an exciting display or colorful. But since it wasn’t anything common, quite the contrary, I was getting excited, especially when I began to see a pattern, that is, it (the event) was regularly doing this about every five minutes. When it would appear again in the same general area, then after 2-3 seconds abruptly disappear, I was really starting to squirm and more-so after each time. I remember thinking to myself “hot dog, this is really something” and “It’s true, it’s true”.

After that half-hour, it (the event) never happened again as I kept looking for about another hour. Anyway, there was no pattern to where it was appearing and was stationary when it did. It had no distinctive form except for being round, growing larger and brighter during the course of 2-3 seconds, doubling or tripling in size. During the two times in appeared dimmer, I would say it only doubled its size (from it's original size when the light first appeared). The four which were brighter I would say they tripled in size. Before disappearing, they appeared about the same size and brightness as other bright stars.

I’ll tell you one thing, I felt my prayer answered. It changed my outlook immediately, ready then to get back to my writing with a confident attitude. Even if there was some explanation for it, searching for an explanation is sorta like looking at a gift horse in the mouth. After all, the event gave me what I wanted and needed most. Even if an explanation was found, our guardian angels are famous for trying to cover up their work with explanations... although sometimes they're not very good at it.

As to the second event (giant flashing star) which occurred in 2000, I could find no rational explanation. For evidence, unfortunately my Polaroid camera had no film at the time. It usually doesn't. Anyway, it wouldn't have done the star justice... I needed a movie camera. At any rate, I could be seen standing there watching it, stone sober, taking it all in, occasionally looking around to see if everything else looked normal, as if to be checking on my senses. I kept asking her (my witness) if she was really seeing what I was seeing which she always confirmed.

The only thing I can imagine more astounding would be to see the moon on fire.

Happenstance and phenomena

In the introduction (above), I said "you'll soon see how (and why) they can be one-in-the-same" (speaking of cosmic phenomena and spiritual phenomena). Let's begin by assuming rational explanations existed. Let's say the six flashes were really six pieces of space junk which happened to be in the same area which happened to turn (catching the sun's reflection) 5 minutes apart. We'll set aside the strangeness that each of them only did it once.

For the second event, let's say it was a gaseous bubble of gasoline fumes hovering in the air caused an optical illusion to explain the giant flashing star.

However, an explanation as to the actual 'physical cause' doesn't automatically rule out the possibility it was 'arranged'. Perhaps it's the only way in which miracles occur... or at least one way. While a rational explanation (standing alone) probably explains odd occurrences most of the time, the discovery of the prime mover only says it was the cause revealed... but not necessarily why. That is often the case with lightning, a flood and other natural disasters... the cause is known but why at that time? Or... why here and not there?

While perhaps most often it's the luck of the draw... but with 'luck' (good or bad) being oftentimes bizarre, it seems to suggest the existence of 'controlled events'. At any rate, since there is no way to prove it either way we should always try 'reading between the lines'. Perhaps the fact that "every cloud has a silver lining" hints at 'controlled events'.

Update, September 17, 2003:

I mentioned above I was going to make an effort this year to see if anything spectacular would happen again this September (2003) in the southern night sky. So far, nothing. Since the 13th, I've made a diligent effort but that's not to say I looked continually all night. I ventured outside 4-5 times at different times each night for about 15 minutes each time. That was as much time, if not more, than I spent before seeing those two events which I did. Believing that seeing such events could be related to a particular frame-of-mind, I tried to duplicate how I felt before. I don't think I quite managed though, leaving me with some doubt my ability to routinely manipulate it. At any rate, if I do see something, I'll be sure to post it here... otherwise assume I never saw anything this September.

Update, September 23, 2004:

Well, once again, my lack of dedication is telling... I didn't even think to look this year until the 16th. However I have spent several hours each night between the 16th and 22nd but saw nothing. I suppose I should mark my calendar for next year, but, if that is necessary, so much for my dedication. Another note... I am now living only about 50 miles north of Phoenix which means the southern night sky isn't as dark (city lights). I've also noticed the number of visible stars affects how I perceive it's awesomeness... in other words, fewer stars means less inspiration, less 'connection'.

Additional note, October 3, 2004:

Going with the assumption something unusual may be occurring in September, I continued looking the rest of the month but saw nothing. However astronomers did report three (3) stellar blasts on September 12th, 16th and 24th. They occurred in Aquarius (x-ray blast), Pisces (x-ray blast) and Aries (gamma ray blast). They believe these may be precursors to a supernova.

Update, September 19, 2005

Well, I saw nothing this year either and began looking on the 8th between 8-10 PM. While I thought I did one evening (8 PM), I believe it was just a communications satellite in a geosynchronous position over Arizona. I saw it flash briefly 7 times every 90 seconds for about a quarter hour... it must have been rotating slowly catching the last rays of the sun on a reflective portion. The only other thing I noticed (for the first time) was that when looking at a spot in the sky to the right of a bright moon, the moon's light would reflect off my eyeball and brighten-up my peripheral vision on my left side... as if someone was shining a flashlight there. For awhile, I kept looking around to see where the light was coming from.

Update, September 16, 2006

On the 13th, I began looking at 8 PM and at 8:15 saw 4 flashes SSE (up 30 degrees) over the course of about 2 minutes. At least one was in a slightly different position and reddish in color. The last flash seemed the brightest. At 7:45 PM on the 16th, as I walked outside I said to myself "tonight, I'm just going to enjoy the stars" and just as I said that, I saw one bright flash due south (up 45 degrees). They may have all been simply space junk reflecting the last rays of sunlight... at least these 'events' didn't last long enough to dismiss sunlight reflection.

Update, September 20, 2007

For the intellectual basis of our metaphysical articles - being neither scientifically derived (maybe a tad) or
containing an ounce of religious dogma (maybe an iota) - see Spiritual Metaphysics … the overlord of realities

Very little dedication on my part or cooperation from the nightly skies this year (overcast). My lack of dedication can be attributed to the fact I've been immersed in domestic duties (repairing and remodeling). In other words, material matters conflict with spiritual matters. I looked on the 12th and 13th for a short while (about 15 minutes) but on the 14th, 15th and 16th, the skies were overcast (not clear) or were obscured by clouds. In short, nothing this year.

Update, February 18, 2009

Abandoned search last year (2008).

A.O. Kime

Matrix of Mnemosyne... the place of smoke signals from the spirit world

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