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One's last days

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Things we might think about on death's doorstep

(1st edition - Jan 2016) by A.O. Kime
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When in good health or when younger we might think a little about the matter of death - but assuredly when the time is near - death gets a whole lot of thought. Likely too, our thinking becomes drastically different…. not resembling what we earlier mused.

As one example, our fear may be greater than we anticipated. Also, we might feel ‘cheated’ or ’abandoned’ simply because we’re dying… although both may be tempered somewhat by one’s religious beliefs.

The philosophical thoughts

However, the most interesting aspect would be the philosophical upheaval. In other words, the meaning of death begins to be seen under a different light. How it fits into the grand scheme of things is greatly illuminated. In contemplating one’s looming death would cause one to view reality differently… even the reality of earth would be questioned.

After all, if earth is soon to depart one’s consciousness it wouldn’t be real anymore. Or, one begins to think, maybe it never was real. While we’ve always assumed the earth endures - mainly because of recorded history - its rock solidness - its vividness - yet for the individual it is only temporary. One might ask themselves then… is the earth real or not?

As it is, only the opinions of those still alive are counted… those still experiencing life on earth. While the dead can no longer voice their opinion, we can easily imagine it. In their circumstance the earth is no longer real. Not anymore.

For the truth of the matter, perhaps the circumstances of the dead should be given equal weight.

In this respect then the earth would be both real and unreal. Perhaps though, ’unreal’ isn’t an applicable or an appropriate term… that instead there is only ’real’ and ’dimensionally real’. In other words, real in all respects except for being temporary.

Seemingly, it’s temporary if it isn’t consciously enduring.

And, seemingly, the only completely real thing is an everlasting thing. It doesn’t need to have physical substance either… just be ever-present.

The dimensional reality

Since it could be said living on earth is a short-lived ’experience’ one could justifiably call earth a ’dimension’. Dimensions, of course, are generally viewed as an abstract… meaning not necessarily permanent. Also put forth a few decades ago is that we humans are all just ‘holograms’. The point is - whether in the ball park or not - these thoughts are likely to surface during one’s last days.

So… is on death’s doorstep the place where we begin to see the truth of the matter?

After all, we’ve all been too busy experiencing life to give much thought to death and its place in the universe. For that matter, we never gave much thought to the wonders concerning our birth either. Or think much about our mighty sun without which we wouldn‘t exist.

While standing on death’s doorstep it’s also easy to see how we might expand our thinking even more. If our mind is still clear - and we’re relatively comfortable and pain free - we’d probably try to find answers to other question such as the meaning of life… what it actually entails.

Questions of life, light and time

Can life (or ‘life force’) be best described as ’energy’ we might ponder.

How does ’time’ figure in… or is time really a ‘thing‘? If it is an an actual existent, is it regulated by the speed of light?

Yet for some matters ‘time’ doesn’t always seem to factor in … or be the appropriate word. Sometimes what is seen can be better described as a ’metabolism’. Then there is another dawning... to get anywhere in ethereal matters they must be addressed in ethereal terms. It’s a ‘different language’. For example, some human terms don’t apply such as ’when’. There is no such thing as ’when’ in the ethereal.

Also, is science wrong about the speed of light being constant? Light, it seems, would gradually slow down… making older light slower than newer light. If true, then the universe isn’t as old as science thinks - nor quite as far-flung either.

Even more questions arise…

Why is it we can only experience ’now’? In other words, life only exists for a millisecond at a time (we’re no longer alive a second ago or aren’t yet in the upcoming second).

One might then conclude that since life doesn’t exist more than a millisecond at a time, the incorporeal (life) and the corporeal (the physical - earth) must be incompatible. Likely, we think, because they exist in different realities (on different planes). Life therefore - like ’radiating energy’ - can only ‘flow through’. A millisecond (probably just a couple attoseconds) also means it pulsates. In other words, we continually ’jump’ from one second to the next.

If that wasn’t true we’d still be experiencing last week.

That would mean, of course, our ‘being’ actually exists somewhere else… only our bodies and those of animals are residents of earth. From that, one can easily see why some people would consider humans and all other forms of life on earth ‘holograms’… although only 'mental holograms'.

Rethinking fire... a preposterous idea?

Similarly existing on the ethereal plane is light, electricity and possibly even fire… as neither exist in a stationary manner. While light and electricity can easily be seen as being ethereal, fire is more difficult. It wasn't hard to imagine for the ancient Greeks however who considered fire ’divine’ (or ethereal). In Greek lore fire was “stolen from heaven”. From that, it’s surprising they stopped short in considering fire a “form of life” even though it exhibits lifelike qualities (it consumes and is mobile unlike anything else on earth).

If never to have seen fire before, surely any cosmic traveler would think it alive. They might even try shooting it.

Seemingly, therefore, we should ‘rethink’ fire.

Are humans actually three entities?

With further thought, we might also begin thinking we humans are actually three entities rolled into one. In other words, we are comprised of (1) instincts (being the lowest form of life), (2) animal (includes instincts and the next higher form of life) and (3) comprised of the human element which includes (1), (2) and on earth the highest form of life. In short, on earth the higher forms of life are built atop the lower forms.

Genius, however,, if not merely "all a human can be", is possibly the 4th form of life. After all, greater mental abilities would seem the next distinguishing factor. Genius could include one’s spiritual comprehension or one’s ability to speak to God. And, likely, there are tens of thousands of geniuses.

While science doesn’t categorize instincts as a ’form of life’, it’s another area due to be ‘rethought’. Of course, helpful if scientists would first learn the ethereal language. Knowing the ethereal language - its unique terms and meanings - what earthly terms apply and which don’t - would paint a somewhat different picture of reality. A truer picture could offer better solutions to complex problems.

Scientists should know... without God and his spirit world included their model of the universe is lacking.

Only 74 years old

Who knows what else one might think however. I’m only 74 years old and not quite on death's doorstep.

Maybe we won’t be thinking about how things really are but instead about how things might be.

We might be looking forward… not backwards.

We might be trying to imagine the upcoming dimension. Of course, having been kept at arms length it isn’t real to us yet. Being a dimensional reality (like earth), only the dead can know of it. They aren’t really dead though… they just quit radiating themselves to their bodies on earth.

A.O. Kime

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Last modified: 03/09/16