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Spiritual Enlightenment in an age of scientific reasoning

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... where to find enlightenment and how to recognize it

(6th edition - October 2012) by A.O. Kime
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It's been the case for ages that men have sought spiritual enlightenment - some occasionally and others continually - and for those who seek, many questions linger. It’s always a matter of where to look and a concern over whether they'll ever find it. They might also wonder if there is more than one fountainhead or if a proper method of searching exists. While all this is addressed below, seekers should also know it is to recognize enlightenment if ever to find it.

Spiritual enlightenment, being an unknown quantity beforehand, for many people it is mystical knowledge. However, a person believing enlightenment must be accompanied by a clap of thunder would never find it. They shouldn’t expect angels to sing or clouds to part either although the process is amazing. Enlightenment is simply having obtained a greater understanding keeping in mind knowledge comes in degrees. Most often it is a profound realization or borders on profoundness. In short, to receive spiritual enlightenment is a step forward on an elevated path. It is part of our learning process except it comes to us spiritually, never from a classroom and rarely from a book.

Knowledge gained from a classroom or book shouldn't be consider an 'incident of enlightenment' because, generally, it is already commonly known or expected to be known. Sometimes a rare book, perhaps one which hasn’t been widely circulated, could contain unique and valuable information however. But gaining unique knowledge from a book doesn’t mean 'privileged' knowledge. In other words, the reader wasn't the intended recipient.

It should be obvious... there's great significance in being the intended recipient. Metaphorically, It also says they own (or once owned) the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The downside of reading about metaphysical matters is that, for the author, they are so hard to explain. Likely the author only managed to impart the general idea... missing would be that ever-so-different 'atmospheric logic'. As people often say when trying to describe an unusual event "you've had to been there". This different atmospheric logic is much like a mood which determines acceptance. For example, "I love you" means less to someone in a bad mood.

So, in a nutshell, there is both unique knowledge and privileged knowledge. Unique knowledge has probably been around for ages however... albeit largely going 'un-promoted'. Perhaps it was institutionally muffled. So, to receive enlightenment really isn't a magical process and the results, while perhaps startling, lack the dramatics... although great satisfaction from a greater understanding can still be expected. However, in an age of scientific reasoning, spiritual enlightenment is becoming rare.

It is becoming rare because modern man tends to believe the scientific community has all the answers, or will. Scientific inquiry, while extremely productive in most all areas, does have its limitations… therefore the search for spiritual enlightenment for oneself and even for science is necessary. To the extent accepted, spiritual knowledge has been the cutting edge for science... the philosophical door-opener. After all, the scientific mindset is not geared to comprehend the metaphysical. It is the 'wrong mood'.

Empirical enlightenment

The most important type of enlightenment is often of a spiritual (metaphysical) nature because that is where man's knowledge falls short. Much of it comes through emanation but the higher degrees come from divine intelligence.

While most religious teachings have a ring of truth, they cannot be advanced because of their rigid tenets. They have boxed themselves in. In other words, spiritual enlightenment comes not from scientific circles, since they do not properly address spiritual phenomena, nor does it usually come from religious circles since they cannot be objective. For most religions, to be objective is tantamount to heresy.

The value of enlightenment is an aspect as well. It is one thing to be enlightened, quite another if the knowledge holds no value. Generally, enlightenment contains only a piece of the puzzle. While each piece is important, assuredly critically important, it may fall short in being useful. It might only serve us if we are later successful in painting more of the picture.

While the enlightenment sought is usually about profound matters (the meaning of life, etc.), one could also obtain something about human nature. In other words, enlightenment can have material (practical) applications. There is more to learn about human nature despite what the psychologists might think. Learning something about oneself could have immediate benefits. The meaning of life can be shelved until later... although learning something about oneself would be a piece of the puzzle.

As to where one currently stands... if the urge for self-discovery is strong then that's an indication the main door to enlightenment has already been opened. They've already determined their foundation should not be built on someone else's thoughts. Someone else's thoughts are only good for creating ideas... like which trail to follow next.

Justice and The Age of Enlightenment

Another form of enlightenment may come as it pertains to justice much as it did for men during the 18th century in France and England in a movement known as ‘The Age of Enlightenment’. Rousseau was the best known of the group which included Voltaire… considered a genius. Since justice is not taught by science or religions, naturally any knowledge gained in this area is often enlightenment. Nor do classrooms teach justice as they should either... rarely anything lacking in governance is pointed out. Everything is always taught to be "hunky-dory". It is therefore left up to the citizens to describe justice.

However, one might think the 'enlightenment' part shouldn't be taken literally. Some may believe the participants weren’t really enlightened but instead it was merely an intellectual group effort to further the cause of freedom. Well, for practical reasons too but primarily these men were enlightened to the fact societies cannot exist without freedom... not for long. Not unless a society of rats can still be considered a 'society'. In essence, they were concerned about the lot of their respective nations which included mankind in general. They knew all things depend on this natural existent in one way or another. Even economies are affected.

Look around... is not a nation's fortunes relative to the amount of freedom it allows?

While it might seem strange that enlightenment often includes justice matters but that's because 'earthly justice' was left unattended... although a natural circumstance in the physical. As we all know, Mother Nature turns a blind eye to justice. She does not practice justice nor do her animals. Of an ethereal nature, justice is God's domain but obviously assigned to man to administer. And, since mankind is still tethered to God is why we often get 'guidance'.

Discovering the causes of metaphysical phenomena would also be enlightenment even if the processes aren’t fully understood. To attribute a phenomenon to a cause, even more accurately, would be enlightenment. It remains a challenge however because the spirit world does not exist in precise terms (a semantics problem). There is a classroom for this purpose however but one quite different.

How to find spiritual enlightenment

While this article has tried to further characterize enlightenment, it hasn’t yet addressed the manner as to how it can be obtained. In classical times, it was believed oracles held such enlightening knowledge… those of Apollo at Delos and Delphi are most often referenced. Sometimes the source is called the ‘tree of knowledge’ or ‘fountain of knowledge’… as if a place. A burning bush might be sought or a tall, skinny, white-haired wizard.

First of all, the source wouldn’t be located exclusively in any one place lest deny a large portion of the population. Such enlightening knowledge, if sought, would be available to every living soul… and it is. As for oracles and wizards, even though they evidently discovered how to obtain enlightenment, they've selfishly kept their source a secret. Perhaps it was due to the prestige associated with being an oracle or wizard and if they were to reveal their source…

Similarly, the American Indian ‘sweat houses’ are known as places to obtain enlightenment but that is commonly considered a private affair… nobody seems willing to talk about their experiences. For several centuries however, bodhisattvas (a Buddhist term) are known for having obtained enlightenment through nirvana, and are, uncharacteristically, willing to share their knowledge. Their problem however, and that of others, has been with trying to characterize their discoveries. Descriptive terms for the metaphysical are practically non-existent.

While enlightenment can be passed on to others and may hold value to the recipients, it is far better to have that goose. Since neither an oracle or wizard will reveal their source of knowledge, perhaps not even an American Indian, then I will… their source is the Divine Intellect (divine intelligence). It was first discovered (or first revealed) 1,800 years ago by Plotinus (205-270) although he called it the ‘nous’.

Since enlightenment comes in degrees, we can only guess how enlightened humans can be however. Surely some oracles and wizards were more in-tune than others. Who knows, perhaps the most enlightened human (ever) was some lumberjack in Siberia... an ordinary-looking man in ordinary clothes. Religions, of course, would have their own ideas.

While nirvana is described somewhat differently it is seemingly the same phenomenon. That's because what you seek in ethereal matters is what you get. Nirvana seekers might be obliged in a different way... because they'd be expecting (willing) something different. Divine intelligence seekers, on the other hand, are just seeking divine intelligence. Although my single experience with the Divine Intellect can't determine this but I suspect the phenomenon enlightens in varying degrees (depths). Yet, I noticed, much of the unfathomable is made fathomable by simply knowing its logical disposition.

So there you have it... never again will you need to consider trekking to Tasmania to seek out someone mysterious looking. You can forget about canoeing up the Amazon and your trip to Tibet can be cancelled… because, hallelujah, you have finally found it!

But hold on… it isn’t that easy. As the stories go with many legends you'll need a key to open this door. The keeper of this particular key is not a Cyclops, dragon or some Egyptian mummy however, but one’s very own subconscious mind.

While I was originally trying to dispel the notion that mystery and enlightenment go hand-in-hand, I then realized there is nothing more mysterious than the subconscious mind. Still, what is worthy to dispel is the notion that only wizardly-looking characters hold this knowledge... that ordinary-looking people wouldn't know squat. That's a misconception. For that reason titles and 'looking the part' are common practices of con-men. Part of the 'con' might be a purple room with several torches burning.

So, to summarize, via one's subconscious mind enlightenment is accessible in two different ways... through emanation and through divine intelligence. One might say emanation works more-or-less automatically (it's all about receptiveness) whereas divine intelligence is on manual control. The manual controls are quite complicated however.

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With little effort, through emanation receptive people are routinely enlightened... most notably artists, writers, poets and musicians. Those not familiar with emanation might not recognize it however... you know, no clap of thunder, no wizard. Thoughts are fleeting too, we all know, at least one should write them down... they're quickly forgotten. Moreover, the muse intensely dislike having to repeat themselves. Often they'll refuse.

Far more difficult is contacting divine intelligence but once your subconscious mind is satisfied - meaning 'spiritually healthy' - you'll then be capable.

A.O. Kime

Matrix of Mnemosyne... the place of smoke signals from the spirit world

Last modified: 03/05/16