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Empowering God from within

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An abstract on the nature of spiritual realities

(2nd edition [re-edit] - April 2012) by A.O. Kime
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Invariably, it seems, we perceive God as being (or living) in some faraway place… except God can only manifest himself within the human mind. Unless consciously or subconsciously called upon, God is - and has been - effectively nonexistent since Creation. In other words, God isn't around anymore (the job of Creation finished). However, he did leave his phone number.

Strong words? Well, condensed they're even stronger:

1) God doesn’t empower us, we empower God (roles reversed since Creation)
2) God isn’t an external presence anymore but an internal one (since Creation)
3) We don’t pray to God but with him

But before explaining these thoughts of no religious affiliation, it should be said beforehand they weren't actually my own thoughts... they emanated from out-of-the-blue. And, since this phenomenon of 'emanation' was first brought to light by the ancient Greeks (Greek mythology), I always like to credit their muse. That's because it's a delightful way to look at it. There is an endearing quality to the idea that nine darling goddesses will speak to us... one might even say 'heartfelt' (we sense something 'right' about it).

Although emanation is a common phenomenon - as many writers and poets can testify - but in order to pass on the knowledge gained from the 'information channel' (in contrast to the 'creative channel') depends on one's characterizing abilities. So, the question here is... did I characterize the realities well enough? Clear enough? While the muse are never fully satisfied with one's formulation of words, not ever, perhaps at least I've painted an outline of a very amazing picture.

God… an internal presence

While any spiritual-minded person knows God is as real as their last breath, last thought or last urge, trying to fathom where God dwells has always been a perplexing matter. “It is beyond our capacity to understand” one might commonly reason. Well, since 'focusing' is a matter which perceptions regulate - and seemingly important here - in order to enhance that ability let's try to refine our perceptions.

First of all, if it can be agreed God is a spiritual force then God can only dwell (exist) within the spiritual realm… and for humans that means within our subconscious mind. After all, it's the only thing about us which could be considered 'ethereal'. While God likely exists in other dimensional ways - as do our amazing senses - for all practical purposes it’s irrelevant when it comes to the relationship between man and God. In other words, we don't need to know those details for these purposes.

Besides, these other spiritual dimensions wouldn’t be on the same plane (the same scheme/model)… being as different as broccoli and a sledgehammer. These alien dimensions would represent all the powers of God... similar to how our senses represent our powers. Therefore, we can only know God through the dimension we are connected and that means subconsciously. So, as far as we're concerned, within us is where he dwells.

But hold on… couldn’t God still exist in some faraway place regardless of what dimension we're talking about? Well, again, not as far as we’re concerned. In other words, these other dimensions are beyond the human capacity to engage as they cannot be found on any plane within the universe. One could say they lie ‘inside’ (or 'outside') the universe… that the universe is just an extension of something greater.

Effectively then, the ‘big bang’ was perpetrated from beyond... but that's another story (see Dynamics of Now).

Empowering God

It should be evident upon viewing the conduct of men that some are virtuous while others are not. The reason is simple… it is a matter of empowering the God within. If that wasn’t true, then all men would be virtuous or none at all.

It is, then, a matter of us empowering God.

Praying with God

To further enhance our perspective, perhaps the belief that God dwells in some faraway place could be described as a ’detached from God theory’ while the belief that God dwells within us could be described as an ’attached to God theory‘. Boiling it down, that's what it amounts to. Of course, many spiritually-minded people likely believe it’s both ways but seemingly (mindfully) still pray to the God from afar. But why ignore the God within? He is, after all, the same God.

Directed thusly, there would be a difference. With that fervent mind-set invariably you would be praying ’with God’ and not just ‘to God‘. After all, except for those prayers consisting of stupid, insipid or outrageous requests, God would likely agree that the pleas within all prayers should be answered. So, in effect, it’s an ‘alliance‘.

While it would seem non sequitur that God also prays - having nobody greater to pray to - it is a matter of semantics. While effectively the same thing as praying, God also hopes for the best of outcomes otherwise we wouldn‘t have been dealt a conscience. And, because of this more intimate 'interaction', it seems only logical praying with God is better than praying to him.

So, to increase your chances that God would collaborate, keeping in mind that ‘help’ always comes in degrees, make sure you’ve first built the strongest case possible. Passion is also key (critical in fact)… God understands emotions, not words.

While direct interventions might seem to occur from time to time as well (the miracles) - which are commonly attributed to God’s willingness to submit to a hopeful suggestion - instead this appears due to the increased empowerment of the persons involved. In other words, we were endowed with additional powers but only the right frame-of-mind can activate them. Incredibly, as if an injected element prayer can become part of any unfolding perilous situation. Call it a 'hovering factor' on standby (awaiting orders). While the phenomenon of being saved from disasters is often attributed to guardian angels - an endearing way to look at as well - in some manner (directly or indirectly) we ourselves are doing the saving.

For example, during the seconds leading up to an otherwise destined car collision (but avoided due to subconsciously 'willing' it) or if one reacted a bit too late, then the consequences from the collision (one's control over injuries).

The multi-dimensional realities

To look upon our senses as dimensions and not just ‘abilities‘, it all begins to come together. Although our five dimensional capabilities (senses) aren‘t spiritual in nature - at least not as engineered to work in the physical - their diverse properties indicate that all encompassing (complex) realities utilize multiple dimensions. Earth say, or life itself.

However, looking upon our sensing abilities as having dimensional properties still falls short in describing their magnificence. There is more to them I haven't yet been able to put into words. Of some help, the sensations generated by the senses gives one a rough idea the nature of the spirit world. While largely indescribable - typical of spirit world phenomena - profoundly they reveal realities otherwise unimaginable.

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But the sixth sense is different because it contains 'powers' (of the ethereal sort). While there is power associated with our five sensing abilities they are more-so the scanning type (like radar). The sixth sense, on the other hand, is what could be described as having genuine powers because they function ethereally. And, ethereal powers equates to godly powers. Having a range of ethereal capabilities and therefore not being a 'single sense', the sixth sense phenomenon would be better understood (and appreciated) if considered the "godly aspect" of humans.

While this "godly aspect" was surely recognized ages ago, apparently only someone wanting to take God out of the equation would later label it the "sixth sense" (believed around 1837). In retrospect however perhaps it was a good idea... let people decide for themselves what it all means.

A.O. Kime

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