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The Dynamics of Now

artist rendering of book, quill and letter... an original inkwell philosophical analysis

The dynamics that created the 'instance of awareness' and even time itself plus an accompanying theory on the circumstances that caused the Big Bang... the creation of the universe

(1st edition - December 2011) by A.O. Kime and Faith Booysen
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There are still many unanswered questions concerning life and the cosmos - largely of a metaphysical nature - but occasionally a heavy dose of “spiritual brainstorming” can lead to understanding the mysteries. While this article of an empirical nature is brazenly out in left field - and was inspired by this brainstorming - nonetheless it offers some fresh and incandescent ideas. All, it is believed, lie well within the realm of possibilities.

For effect, however, the following results of this brainstorming are presented as fact. Although they appear to fit the realities - there is no proof of these contentions. But in putting forth these beliefs so boldly and assuredly it just makes for a more interesting presentation. Whether believable, conceivable or madness… you be the judge.

Mysterious ingredients and the language dilemma

But let’s also add a little mystery to this brainstorming. In particular, who can dare say God wasn‘t weighing-in… specifically divine intelligence? Often plucked from our subconscious mind and sometimes blowing in the wind are the answers to the mysteries.. Of course, also willing to answer the call are the darling muse… the transporters of infinite knowledge.

However, our earthly languages can often be misleading when it comes to trying to address the metaphysical. It’s a matter of semantics… seldom are terms entirely applicable to the ethereal. Not in the strict sense. We can only paint the picture with the words we have. This ’language barrier’ - being the difference between our language and the ‘ethereal language’ - is the primary reason we’ve been unable to get a good handle on things, ‘time’ for example.

This ‘difference’ is because languages are based on realities which in this case are poles apart. Entangled too is the perennial question… “do languages further or create our understanding“? Without a doubt, it’s all about the mindsets that languages create. All said, we begin thusly…

The beginnings

The ‘Dynamics of Now’ was created at the instant of the Big Bang… the creation of the universe. While the dynamics have several faces, included is the fact that the only timeframe life can exist is in the ‘now‘… the timeframes of yesterday and tomorrow being lifeless. Obvious too, even a second ago is now lifeless. Our ‘being’ only lasts a split second.

Since the corporeal (physical) is not conducive for the ethereal nature of life - being effectively incompatible for reasons soon explained - life cannot exist on the same plane for more than a few milliseconds at a time - perhaps no longer than attoseconds. Awareness (life) is not within the flesh and blood part of our subconscious mind. The flesh and blood part can only accommodate awareness in split-second bursts.

All creatures (including humans) are only alive during this extremely brief timeframe… when the awareness switch in ’on’. So, being that terra firma and the physical body are not conducive for awareness - life simply ‘flows through‘. One could say “life radiates”. In short, awareness isn’t a permanent fixture of any creature considered alive. The Dynamics of Now won’t allow it because it isn’t possible.

‘Now’ is also dynamic because progression (time) was created for the sole purpose of sustaining life in the physical and the timeframe of awareness (life’s ‘now‘) is determined by the speed of light. Conversely, there is no ‘now’ in the ethereal which would also apply to the ‘hereafter‘. Nor is there any yesterday or tomorrow. In the ethereal, there is no such thing as ‘when‘. It is why immortality is possible.

At the speed of light life flows through the body and thus is ultimately an aspect of light itself but life isn’t a property of a light beam (per se) but what else the ‘essence of light’ generates. Life is, for a lack of a better term, a certain variety of ‘antimatter’ effectively of both ‘passive’ and ‘non-passive’ qualities and the reason it is incompatible with the corporeal.

Permeated by infinite intelligence - which entails “all that there is” - demonstrates there is no such thing as ’nothingness’. While infinite intelligence manifests itself in countless ways, the most apparent and commanding is sunlight (starlight).

The Big Bang

The Big Bang occurred due to the shock of the sudden existence of light. As in Genesis, “let there be light“. Positively-charged, it created matter out of antimatter and thus became an explosive situation but only because of the sudden transformation. Since matter did not yet exist, the explosion was not due to any mutual annihilation otherwise typical for matter-antimatter contact. Light, and only light, can transform antimatter.

The sudden appearance of light was due to the occurrence of an ’engineered’ quantum leap… as typically happens when an electron jumps into a different orbit when heated. Present at the time was a single condensed gathering of antimatter and when the ‘subjective forms’ were transformed by light the ‘gathering’ exploded apart into units of matter (the mass of the universe) which had the effect of creating space between them. In short, there was no ’space’ before the Big Bang.

The term ’space’ means exactly that… that it must have a traversable quality. Before the Big Bang there was nothing traversable therefore being effectively ’less than space’. There is ’space’ and then there is ’imaginary space’ (of our mind‘s eye).

The sudden existence of light also instantaneously created progression (time) for the very reason light happened ‘then‘. A ‘now’ was necessary to begin progression and without it there can be no beginning. There can be no ‘after’ without a ‘now‘. And, because light cannot be a stationary existent, the sequences of the universe began.

Progression (time) wouldn’t have existed prior in the practical sense because time is only a perspective matter. For that reason there can be no real ‘when‘. Only the Dynamics of Now can create a ‘when‘. That one can always envision a ‘when’ even if none exist demonstrates its perspective nature. The term ‘when’, as much as the term ‘why’, illustrate the extent that ’languages create’.

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Since the speed of light is the universal clock which regulates life in the physical, it makes sunlight (starlight) a ‘radiating metabolism‘.

Finally, before the 3rd decade of the 21st century ends the vast majority of scientists will finally concede that, indeed, the realities were ’created’. The complexities will finally demonstrate - to even the most devote scientific mindset - that it is beyond reason to believe (anymore) that the realities ‘just happened’.

A.O. Kime / Faith Booysen

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