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The dumbing-down of America

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The dumbing-down agenda... the snake with a hundred heads

(1st edition - Jun 2014) by A.O. Kime
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It appears the dumbing-down campaign which has been targeting Americans has been a resounding success. It began, of course, with television. Then, of late, ‘social media’ - that incredibly idiotic medium of epic proportions - greatly accelerated the process. While apparently many believe social media is a grand idea, I only see dumb.

To me, it amounts to a bunch of dogs barking at once.

Sponsored by both big business and government, this dumbing-down process became fully apparent some 40-50 years ago and its success was seemingly fated. That’s because nothing at all stood in its way. Although not intentional, calculators have played a big role as well… people have largely lost their ability to do mathematics without one.

Yet, of the many facts that seem to support the idea that people have grown dumber, there seems just as many that can refute it. The whole affair is like a snake with a hundred heads. This, of course, would make it practically impossible to address in some order. I find I’m stuck with having to address my points haphazardly. As you shall see one point doesn’t necessarily lead to the next.

For one, the dumbing-down agenda seems to be only targeting certain aspects of intelligence… after all, the establishment also promotes learning. In other words, the establishment apparently wants people to be smart in some things - skills for sure - but dumber in other things. Seemingly they are targeting common sense and the ability for one to think for themselves.

And, except for someone with a PhD who are commonly devoid of any common sense whatsoever, it has been the opinion for ages that anyone lacking common sense is dumb. Naturally anyone who couldn’t think for themselves was also considered dumb.

On the other hand, maybe ‘dumb’ just needs to be redefined… if for no other reason to make us believe we aren’t such a pitiful lot. While people have demonstrated they are dumber from the standpoint of common sense - and also from the pragmatic point of view - perhaps ‘specialization‘ should be given more weight. And, since there is so much more to know these days perhaps it’s also a matter of what one SHOULD know.

Of course, that opinion could easily be torn to sheds. After all, who can accurately define common sense?. Or say what is or isn’t pragmatic?

Intelligence still bountiful

That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of savvy and smart people around… even 5% is still a lot. Likely a higher percent in places where there are more social renegades and Tea Party folks. Free thinkers are invariably smarter. Of course, one can define savvy or smart anyway they want too. There is no official benchmark. It is individually decided often by what one sees from their perch… to then be compared to their own intelligence. It would be suspect however… as the saying goes “we don’t know what we don’t know”.

While the advancements we see occurring year to year would indicate some people are unaffected by the dumbing-down process -who in turn make everyone associated look good with their innovations because ’better’ is always adopted - and while a factor in any analysis, surely there’s much more to consider. The challenge is… what?

We must admit… we can’t just look at someone and tell whether they are dumb or not. We must get to know them first. Whatever our first impression happened to be it usually turns out to be partially right and partially wrong. Invariably there are also surprises.

Anyway, let’s see what some other facts say… assuming, of course, the selected facts are relevant and can hold water.

The 'masses'

To whatever degree someone’s intelligence is a positive influencing force on others - being then a counterforce and worth mentioning - the focus here is on the dumbing-down agenda which is targeting the ‘masses’ (definition: the countless weak-minded people with wills easily hijacked). But there’s also natural forces at work… advancements are happening so fast nowadays it’s hard to keep up.

While colleges teach the workings of a given profession and continuing education classes help people keep up-to-date, the focus is so narrow anymore that many important things aren’t being taught. For example, practical (bare bones) skills across the spectrum to serve as a backup. Also in the mix are classes (i.e., archaeology, anthropology, astrophysics) which contribute to the dumbing-down process by feeding students opinions disguised as facts.

Of course, these opinions stem from the ‘models’ these professions have created and owe their allegiance. Prime examples are that man descended from an ape and the first inhabitants of North America were Asians. It’s all just guesswork. Also guesswork is the age of the universe which is amended every 2-3 years. Anyway, a hefty portion of what we are taught amounts to ‘pseudoscience’ (make-believe science).

The unconscionable television set

Still, television programming is the most purposeful by distracting people away from learning anything important. While the occasional live coverage of an important event and the occasional documentary is often very informative, almost everything else the producers produce is just plain garbage. Since the producers can’t be so stupid as to appreciate it themselves, it must be intentional. As for their news, considering the spin applied it might as well be gossip.

Of course, ‘garbage’ is just an opinion. So is ‘spin’.

As a result of the environment which television created, the social media nonsense was bound to happen. That’s because dumb ideas thrive in such an environment. It became a matter of entrepreneurs and investors capitalizing on the success of the dumbing-down agenda. Social media and all the stupid TV shows are proof… especially daytime TV.

It is clearly evident producers believe anyone watching TV during the day are dumb… really dumb. We can’t forget, however, some people engage in stupid things because it’s fun or entertaining. Especially teenagers. It’s also a way to combat boredom… although watching daytime TV is a stupid way.

There is something else evident… that the television producers not only believe people are dumb but are growing increasingly dumb. Back in the 1960s-70s the TV shows were far better in quality meaning they took some intelligence to appreciate. Since then however, this quality has slowly but steadily evaporated. Comedy isn’t worth a hoot and a holler anymore either.

Still, doing dumb things for fun or to combat boredom doesn’t necessarily mean the person doing it is dumb. After all, people also play games… even intelligent people.

Social media and stranger danger

In regards to social media but in particular Facebook… have you ever seen such nonsense posted? It is absolutely incomprehensible to me why people use Facebook. Not only is posting personal information stupid but why also be constantly badgered into being ‘friends’ with strangers? Who knows who they might be… clicking ‘yes’ could get you in a lot of trouble. Thanks to NSA with the FBI or CIA for example.

In that respect social media is worse than television. It requires participating in the madness. Now that’s dumb.

While it would be impossible to compare the intellect of today with that of earlier times - the circumstances being so different - worth mentioning is that the builders of yesteryear didn’t need a computer and powered machinery to build something esthetically grand. And, they could do so even before the invention of the slide rule (the ‘mechanical computer’ invented in the 17th century).

But is it really important anymore to be as resourceful… to build structures with little more than the knowledge of leverage, pulleys and knots? Or to know about the thousand other methods our ancestors utilized? Well, during a crisis it would. During a crisis is when the ability to survive would trump all other measures of intelligence.

On the other hand, when times are good such resourcefulness won’t even pay the water bill. Maybe then ‘the times’ is what decides who is dumb and who isn’t.

Moving on again… further testimony to the success of the dumbing-down program is that the vast majority today are ‘me too’ people who allow themselves to be herded around like sheep. While people are bound by constitutional laws and regulations, but why do they also feel obligated to follow the unconstitutional ones? Or blindly adhere to political correctness? This is just more evidence of dumbness though, not a cause.

The threat to the established order and saps

Simply put… dumbing-down is engineered because dumb people pose less of a threat to the established order. In addition, it is to satisfy the interests of big business… that’s because saps buy more stuff. Then, in order to measure its success is the adherence to the system of what is (and isn’t) ‘politically correct'. The main purpose of that particular scheme however is to unify and thus control thought. As for the scattered intelligence, it is corralled by means of licensing and professional standings. One either conforms or they’re soon forced out of their profession.

If you’re not a perfect angel you won’t get to own an NBA franchise either.

Of course, unless faced with a crisis people don’t have to be smart to survive anymore. They just need to know which buttons to push. Largely forgotten too are all of grandma’s recipes, how to make bread, how to can and how to cure oneself without always running to the doctor. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the most asinine things is that the people who complain about the lousy job situation are the same people who buy Chinese products.

Bottom line… since it isn’t necessary to be as smart as the old-timers, people aren’t. Actually, living in this complicated and ‘ready made’ world people are bound to get dumber anyway. After all. they don’t have to make anything anymore, they don’t have to understand how things work anymore and they don’t have to fix anything anymore.

Logic... the missing ingredient on the Internet

However, offsetting this growing ignorance somewhat - since most people have quit reading books - is what the Internet provides… except to find answers it often amounts to search, search and keep searching.

While business websites have got their act together for the most part, it’s the good informational-type websites which are hard to find. That’s because the search engines like Google aren’t displaying these type websites based on quality content. And that, in turn, is because computers wouldn’t know the difference between quality content and a jackhammer. Computers are incapable of recognizing logic or even common sense and therefore search engines rank websites on other factors. Invariably ranked at the top of their search results are those with the most bells and whistles but are little more than empty shells. Also seemingly preferred are the ’me too’ (boilerplate) variety.

In searching for information (other than something product related), one can only be certain crappy websites will dominate the first page… and certainly to be there are the deficient telecommunication websites with the iconic names (which claim to be directories but a sorry excuse). With their emphasis on ‘less’ and ‘inadequate’ it makes the search engines appear to be in cahoots with the establishment. Someone should tell them.

Wikipedia, being an excellent resource, is the exception and usually found on the first page. Sometimes too this website although not often enough… at least not in proportion to its abundant information. Formatted in ’articles’, they are not just your run-of-the-mill type articles either but are usually very enlightening and sometimes exceedingly profound. As to whether any of the groundbreaking concepts are ever adopted… well, time will tell.

On the cutting edge of philosophy our website has been challenging common perceptions (the accepted realities) since 2002. Unlike philosophy which is typically one-dimensional - ours is exceptionally brilliant because it incorporates the spirit world (metaphysics). The spirit world is, after all, the overlord of realities. Aside from A.O. Kime, the only other philosopher throughout history who ever could - or ever thought it necessary - was Plotinus.

Why remain duped by the pseudosciences? If they have anything to do with life, creation or metaphysics you can count on them being wrong.

A.O. Kime

"When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic" - Dresden James (1931-2008)

Last modified: 03/09/16