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The hard-hitting blog by A.O. Kime

Creating value by being 'purposely confrontational' in addressing current affairs and lingering aggravations

Kime's motto #1: say it especially if politically incorrect
Kime's motto #2: take no prisoners

"The real advantage which truth has, consists of this, that when an opinion is true, it may be extinguished once, twice, or many times, but in the course of ages there will generally be found persons to rediscover it, until some one of its reappearances falls on a time when from favorable circumstances it escapes persecution until it has made such head as to withstand all subsequent attempts to suppress it." --- John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

— Kime's blog entries below are posted in chronological order (latest on top)

#13 - Apr 2015 - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & 'fast track' (Rep. McSally email)
#12 - Feb 2015 - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & 'fast track' (Sen. Flake email)
#11 - Jan 2015 - The Higgs particle vs. the dynamics of now
#10 - Dec 2014 - The concept & pitfalls of mandatory insurance
#9 - Aug 2014 - Transitional awareness... a creation of the five senses
#8 - Jul 2014 - Fourth branch of government and a 1917 grand jury report
#7 - Jul 2014 - The 1944 attempted embezzlement of civilian control over indictments
#6 - Jun 2014 - How are the thousands of children from Central America getting to Texas?:
#5 - Jun 2014 - Cursive writing (longhand)… soon history?
#4 - Jun 2014 - Sanity... another take
#3 - Jun 2014 - Sanity... mankind's friend
#2 - May 2014 - The proposed 2nd Constitutional Convention
#1 - May 2014 - Political correct or damned

#13 - April 2015 - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & 'fast track' (email exchange between Representative McSally & A.O. Kime)

Note: While I disagree entirely with McSally's misguided position - apparently the result of her having been brainwashed by the Washington establishment - but since I wanted my response to be known her email must also be posted (my answer follows).

Allen Kime
3055 East Baker Road
Willcox, AZ 85643-4566

Dear Allen,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), or "fast-track." I appreciate your thoughts on this important issue.

Trade supports more than 38 million American jobs. U.S. economic growth has greatly benefited from expanding trade, with exports growing twice as fast as GDP since 2002. The benefits of trade are spread throughout the economy – in fact more than 98 percent of U.S. exporters are small- or medium-sized companies.

There is great potential in the negotiations now underway for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the Trade in Services Agreement, among other trade initiatives. All of these negotiations provide an opportunity to include strong and enforceable provisions that would eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers for U.S. exports of goods, services, and agricultural products, as well as ensure strong disciplines in other areas.

As you may know, TPA, or "fast track" authority for the president to negotiate new trade agreements, has been granted occasionally since the 1970s. Through TPA, Congress establishes the negotiating objectives for the Administration and ensures that Congress is consulted closely throughout the negotiations. TPA reaffirms that Congress has the final say on any trade agreement by requiring an up-or-down vote before implementation.

Congress has not yet given TPA to the Administration, but the U.S. Trade Representative has entered into TPP negotiations using the now expired Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002 . Therefore, Congress would have to renew TPA in order for it to apply to future trade agreements and those currently under negotiation. Rest assured that I will keep your views in mind should legislation regarding trade promotion authority come before the full House of Representatives for a vote.

As the 114th Congress addresses the many challenges facing our nation, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and concerns. To keep up with my work in Congress, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook , or visit my website at mcsally.house.gov where you can sign up to receive my e-newsletter. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns. Please continue contacting my office regarding issues that you feel are important to you and Southern Arizona.

In Service,
Member of Congress

Dear Representative McSally,

Hogwash... TPP is all about sating the aspirations of the greedy corporations (American transnationalists). Furthermore, it means more imports which will threaten many of our business sectors... sure to eliminate some of them (like what Chinese imports have done). The primary purpose of the TPP is to develop another source of cheap labor to exploit. If implemented it means even more American companies will be moving overseas.

What you have stated is no more than the Republican party-line (forever beholden to big money). Noticeably unaddressed is the suffering some American workers will have to endure and the potential threat to our nation's sovereignty. Are you not aware of any threat from TPP? If not, you should check out what the John Birch Society has to say plus many within the Tea Party.

Martha, you'd be selling us out to vote for the TPP and even fast track. You didn't elected to be another rubber stamp in Washington.

Allen O. Kime (A.O. Kime)

--- end ---

Addendum (May 25, 2015): As an afterthought I should have said in my response "sure to eliminate MORE business sectors" (instead of just SOME). Also, while I didn't know at the time how many factories America has lost since NAFTA, CAFTA and since tariffs were lifted on Chinese imports (1980) - I have since learned it has been 60,000. That's no typo either... reportedly some SIXTY THOUSAND factories have quit operating in America.

It should also be noted that since 2001 America has also made 'free trade' agreements with Jordon, Australia, Chili, Singapore, Bahrain, Morocco, Oman, Peru, Panama, Columbia and South Korea of which likely only the trade agreement with Australia amounts to 'fair trade'.

The primary beneficiaries of these trade agreements isn’t America but instead American brand companies whose products are no longer American made. In effect then, they are no longer an American business but a global enterprise. In providing these Wall Street transnationalists access to cheap overseas labor which displaces American workers - our foreign trade policies are a travesty!

Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 1 of the United States Constitution states that Congress shall have power to provide for (in part) “the general welfare of the United States”… NOT “the general welfare of those on Wall Street” (the stockholders of which reside worldwide).

America and Americans should come first... not transnational companies that have no allegiance.

Long live the Tea Party.

#12 - February 2015 - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & 'fast track' (Senator Flake email)

Dear Senator Flake,
c/c: Sen. John McCain, Rep. Martha McSally, etal

While in my opinion your voting record has been admirable to date - plus I was further impressed by what you accomplished in Cuba - I take issue with your planned stance on ‘fast track’ and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The reasons you put forth for supporting ‘fast track’ and the TPP have overlooked several factors including the history of our trade agreements… that they never amount to ‘fair trade’ and they always cost American jobs. The job gains due to more American exports are always offset by greater losses due to outsourcing to these same countries. Whether the reports confirm it or not… the evidence lies in all our closed factories.

Trade agreements are NOT equitable when one or more participants have a weak currency or a purposely undervalued one (i.e. China). We have seen the devastation (job losses) with NAFTA, we have seen it with China and we will see it with TPP. Millions of jobs were lost to China alone.

The only explanation for this madness is that it serves special interests (private power).

In addition, you appear to underplay the possible shenanigans that can occur with ‘fast track‘. The chances are even greater now with Harry Reid and Obama… both tricksters extraordinaire. Anything could be inserted including gun controls… but whatever might be found disagreeable to Republicans, one can’t count on enough of them to vote against it in an up-or-down vote. Most wouldn’t want to scuttle a trade agreement which would displease ‘big business’ (John Boehner certainly wouldn’t).

While admittedly I have no proof, I suspect that also counted as American exports include products made by American companies based in China and shipped from China. For example, $165 billion in electronic equipment exports in 2013 doesn’t seem possible since seemingly nothing electronic is made in America anymore.

But trivial these details in light of the bigger picture…

Plainly put… these trade deals aren’t sought so America can export more products. While it might amount to some - the primary purpose is to permit the exploitation of cheap labor overseas whereby American companies can further dominate the world marketplace.

Of course, to ‘dominate’ is to ‘control’ and flooding the world with American products made with cheap labor overseas is key. Except… it would mean ‘private control’, NOT governmental control. In short, for decades special interests has shaped (and are shaping) our foreign trade policies. In particular, policies that further increase this 'private power'.

It has increased to a point whereby ‘government’ is now just the veneer.

Also key was the elimination of the family farmer… and it was all because small farming operations couldn’t produce food and fiber cheap enough to flood the world. For the consumer however, it will lead to surrendering more liberties… as would UN Agenda 21 if ever foolishly adopted.

A U.S. Senator should outwardly damn outsourcing… not support it. It is exploitation by design (governmental and private) and as such perpetuates a hand-to-mouth subsistence worldwide. Being so difficult for a workforce to escape, exploitation by design is just plain evil. As far as the American worker is concerned, it should also be considered treasonous.

Perhaps though, what FDR said in 1938 is more illuminating:

“Unhappy events abroad have retaught us two simple truths about the liberty of a democratic people. The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any other controlling private power.

The second truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living. Both lessons hit home.

Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing -- “

We will probably never see an overt power grab however - not one in the traditional sense such as a coup - not when the power behind the throne is the ultimate.

In summary, given the recent rise of those legislators with a Tea Parry stance - and the prospects for even more - I believe the days are numbered for the standard ‘screw the little guy’ Republican. Of course, in having no tolerance for freedoms whatsoever, the same goes for the ‘walking dead’ liberal Democrats.

A.O. Kime
Willcox, Arizona

#11 - January 2015 - The Higgs particle vs. the dynamics of now

In the scientific search for the Higgs particle at the atom smashing accelerator (CERN) in Europe - and after 40 years at the cost of some 10 billion dollars - all that was determined was its mass… although touted as a great discovery and necessary data to complete their ‘Standard Model‘. While this so-called ‘god particle’ never actually revealed itself, it was determined to exist because it reacted with other particles in one trillionth of one trillionth of a second.

In thinking more about the scientific measurement of one trillionth of one trillionth of a second, wouldn’t that mean instantaneous? In other words, could it be that the scientists unknowingly established a measurement for an ‘instant’?

But hold on… maybe what they discovered was the speed of ‘simultaneous’.

No… that wouldn’t be right because simultaneous means ’at the same time’. There would be no time difference to measure. Zero, zip, nada. Maybe though, one trillionth of one trillionth of one second is as close to ’no time’ as science can get… provided, of course, one can trust such a precise measurement.

But what if the measurement was wrong (or rigged)… that the Higgs particle actually reacted in ’no time’?

If so, wouldn’t any discovery of a simultaneous reaction be an equal or greater discovery than the Higgs particle? It would change everything as to how the ’Big Bang’ occurred. In other words, maybe God doesn’t need any time to do stuff.

This would fit with my previous contention (and that of Faith Booysen) that it was light that caused the Big Bang (so says the Bible too)… that it suddenly created matter out of antimatter. For more on this see our article The Dynamics of Now

#10 - December 2014 - The concept & pitfalls of mandatory insurance

Originally two letters to my three state legislators which I intended to post on this blog - but since they were longer than I really wanted for it (don't like my entries too long) - I decided to combine the two letters to make a full-fledged article. But since the topic still seems to belong here a link to it will also work ... see The concept & pitfalls of mandatory insurance

#9 - August 2014 - Transitional awareness... a creation of the five senses

It has recently become my fervent belief - although likely the opinion held by many pet owners for ages - that there is only one kind of ‘awareness’. At least that’s true for creatures sharing the same senses. In other words, the ‘input’ is essentially the same in all respects. As for sight, every animal sees the same picture humans see. At tree, for example, looks the same whether chicken, horse or human.

Vision, after all, is vision (for standard-issue eyeballs at least)

In a nutshell, we’re all looking out the same window. Sounds and smells likely come across exactly the same too although sensibilities range widely. Also common among all living things is the sense of touch. The only stark difference in the five senses are how things taste and the cravings. But these variances also exist among humans.

While there are other 'sensing attributes' particular to a species such as echolocation, they are more-so a 'stimuli apparatus'.

Clearly however, what is commonly seen, heard or smelled is only assessed differently. Assessments differ primarily for two reasons… intelligence differences and instinctual differences (specifically, being forced to rationalize in a certain way). Only pain is adjudged the same universal. Still, it changes nothing in regards to having the same awareness. It is the same ‘input’ regardless... what is done with the information is another matter.

Except.... science won’t address or even mention it. It would suggest animals are also ‘people’ (essentially) - missing only the ’human element’. Nor would societies care to address it.

The distasteful connotations!

While it's the likely reason it goes unmentioned, the interesting part is how. Perhaps the way I see it will prove to be additional ammunition for animal advocates who believe animals deserve more respect, kindness and as much elbowroom as possible. Whether or not we should still eat them is another subject. Hint: I believe Mother Nature stepped aside - left the decision to us - that there is no right or wrong.

To be clear, however, with some creatures we're at war... like with rats.

While there are enough biological similarities to warrant classifying humans as animals (mammalis) - albeit highly influenced by Darwinism - dismissed entirely was the relevance of the great human differences (the human element). To top it off, no definition of animals or mammals mentions anything about our shared senses. Yet, this common thread was recognized ages ago.

One definition of animal is "lower animals as distinguished from human beings"... but aside from degrading animals no 'distinguishing' would be necessary if humans were never classified in the first place. To classify ourselves was a bone-headed idea.

While the biological similarities have been measured, indexed and accounted for, our shared senses haven't... and this is a curious matter. Apparently there was a concern it would demand a re-thinking of what (or who) animals actually are. While the fact creatures have the same five senses as humans is common knowledge, gone largely unappreciated is what that really means. There is a high probability they are essentially 'people' who just happened to be animals. After all, they see things like people, hear things like people, smell things like people, feel things like people and taste things like people.

However, this is only true for a fraction of a second because what is seen, heard, smelled, felt and tasted is quickly assimilated differently. As a result, they are then no longer 'people' but the animal they represent. Furthermore, this lightning-fast transition would occur countless times a day... perhaps more than 10,000 times. But this isn't lost to the receptiveness of animal advocates who see 'people' in them... if only for those milliseconds.

This is truly a metaphysical phenomenon which is deserving of a name and thus "transitional awareness'.

However, it is applicable only to creatures sharing the same senses... and would not, for example, apply to the ‘instincts only’ variety (snails, insects, etc.). Transitional awareness would also apply to two or more animals witnessing the same thing at the same time. For that first brief instant they are of 'one mind' but that quickly changes when the data is transferred to their respective mentalities.

In summation, scientists haven't learned yet that the most enlightening way to classify beings is by their senses. The current classification system is based only on physical attributes. It tells only a small part of the story.

Note: While the term ‘people’ conveys the general idea, it can be greatly expanded upon such as its ’primitiveness'
For details about how the human element is positioned in relation to other creatures - being all about 'positions' - see my theory of cohabitation in Human Evolution, Creationism and a Mind Possessed

#8 - July 2014 - Fourth branch of government and a 1917 grand jury report

In order to keep our blog posts brief, two related internal links:

The Federal Grand Jury is the 4th Branch of Government by Leo C. Donofrio, JD (Jan 22, 2009) - a blistering review of
what went wrong - why the Grand Jury today is only a shadow of its previous self. From a constitutional perspective he
also addresses why the powers of the Grand Jury must be restored.


A 1917 Grand Jury Report - it demonstrates the latitude (power/authority) once exercised by a Grand Jury in the early
days - latitude which has since been stripped away (unconstitutionally). Primarily demonstrated in this report is its
investigative authority.

#7 - July 2014 - The 1944 attempted embezzlement of civilian control over indictments

A provision of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury".

So what is a ‘presentment’?

Well, Webster’s dictionary explains the term thusly;

Presentment (n) (14c) 1: the act of presenting to an authority a formal statement of a matter to be dealt with ; specif : the notice taken or statement made by a grand jury of an offense from their own knowledge without a bill of indictment laid before them

However, the dictionary's example cited above is misleading… a presentment is NOT a statement made by a grand jury. In truth, a presentment is an “indictment by the people”. It is an accusation of law-breaking made by the people on their own accord (independent of a grand jury).

In the years leading up to 1791 when the 5th Amendment was ratified, most criminal charges were filed by private citizens. Not only that but they were often appointed to even prosecute the case. While a layman had the option to bring his written allegations to a sitting grand jury - which I contend was then known as a 'presentment' - nothing prevented them from bypassing the grand jury and filing it directly with the court.

Charges of wrongdoing, of course, would have more credibility if screened by a jury.    

An ‘indictment’, on the other hand, is the more common and formal process framed by an officer of the court (a prosecuting attorney) and laid before the grand jury for an up or down vote. Under this prosecutorial arrangement, who gets charged with a crime (and who doesn’t) is controlled entirely by the legal system (the government).

However, in 1944 the legal system decided that presentments were ‘obsolete’ and stopped addressing the practice. In effect, they stopped recognizing it. Footnote #4 to FRCP Rule 7 states: “Presentment is not included as an additional type of formal accusation, since presentments as a method of instituting prosecutions are obsolete, at least as concerns the Federal courts.” (external source moved or deleted)

While the footnote doesn't specify what the "additional type of formal accusation" entailed, at least it verifies it was "a method of instituting prosecutions". Of monumental consequences, evidently they didn't want to clearly state they were taking away a remedial right of the people. Probably few noticed though with World War II still raging. .Most likely presentments were declared obsolete because the authorities had no control over them in addition to being a pain-in-the-neck (cumbersome - no uniformity).

Yet… by what authority were presentments declared obsolete? After all, presentments are provided for in the Constitution.

Therefore, it seems, the legal system MUST continue to recognize and act upon presentments.

But would such recognition only apply to the wayward whims of a sitting grand jury? One otherwise ‘legal’ and currently in session? If so, then only those sitting on the grand jury (which the legal system selected) would wield this power. Except… in limiting this power to just a handful of people it has the effect of stifling the voices of everyone else.

So… what about juries neighborhoods might assemble from time to time? In effect being ’oversight juries’.

Well, let’s take a look at that…

While apparently during the past 200 years most, if not all, unauthorized indictments were created by sitting grand juries - commonly termed ’runaway grand juries’ - earlier it was the citizens creating them which was then known as ’presentments’. It all amounts to the forgotten meaning of the term. For good reason too... one can confidently state that in order for the government to control the situation the method was heavily discouraged and the filings blatantly ignored..

Besides, if initiated by a sitting grand jury it would be called an ’indictment’ (whether the prosecutor asked for it or not). Never, to my knowledge, is that tendered by a grand jury ever referred to as a presentment. With the term ‘indictment’ already at hand there’s no reason to switch terms just because it didn't originate with the state's prosecutor.

 And, being a constitutional matter, only the legalese within a constitutional amendment can abolish or place limits on the practice. Until then, one must conclude that presentments can be conducted in any way the public sees fit. Actually, that anyone can file a presentment would NOT be a great departure from the legal system currently in place. After all, anyone can file a lawsuit. There seems little difference between suing someone and charging them with a crime.

Here’s how it would work… the public wouldn’t blame the court for rejecting an ill-conceived one but would if it rejected a well-conceived one. It puts the court on the hot seat where it belongs.

For a brief history of ‘runaway’ grand juries see http://campus.udayton.edu/~grandjur/faq/faq8.htm (external link)

For some insights on the grand jury system by a former grand juror (me)… see The Arizona County Grand Jury

#6 - June 2014 - How are the thousands of children from Central America getting to Texas?

While the reason the children from Central America are leaving their countries bound for the U.S. is generally considered ‘economic‘ (their people are desperately poor) - very little has been said about how they managed the long trip. It’s somewhere around 1200-1400 miles. Did they hitchhike, sneak aboard a train or take the bus? NBC footage shows some riding on top of railcars although it may not be the only method. If some took the bus then likely someone bought their tickets.

Even if some could manage the cost of a thousand mile bus ticket, likely not the fee for a ’coyote’ (Mexican guide) if one was involved. It is said they don’t work cheap. In short, knowing more about how they got to Texas should tell us a lot… it might even shed light on the sponsors.

That’s because the sheer number (47,000 in the past 9 months) suggests it is an organized effort and surely it will be someone (or some organization) with something to gain.

Yet, the Border Patrol should already know these details… surely they’ve thoroughly questioned these juvenile delinquents. Why call them anything else? After all, unaccompanied juveniles so far away from home are normally considered ’runaways‘. Being illegal aliens they also broke the law.

Since the Border Patrol apparently isn’t talking we can only speculate. One possibility is that a bunch of ’bleeding hearts’ are behind it. In whatever manner they are assisting, it would bring to mind the underground railroad in the 19th century for runaway slaves.

Another possibility is that some drug cartel is behind it. In other words, a free trip to Texas for services rendered would be great for recruiting. From promises kept it would make their supply of recruits practically endless. For several reasons rotating people in that business would seem a good idea.

But if a cartel is responsible, this orchestrated affair could be a diversion. After all, diversions have become standard procedure these days… especially within governments. About the only thing governments won’t do as a diversion is bomb neighborhoods. Anyway, while the U.S. government is kept busy counting kids some cartel could be engineering a coup somewhere. Maybe though, they just want to make life miserable for the Border Patrol like Fidel Castro did in 1980 (Mariel boatlift).

Of course, this is just a short list of possibilities. Since schemes are hidden so cleverly anymore - the goals often achieved indirectly as the result of something else engineered - at this point under suspicion should also be the Department of Homeland Security, Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, the CIA, labor unions and the national media. Typical purposes are to justify a law, embarrass rivals, divert attention, justify more funding for some department, get someone fired and the list goes on.

However, aliens entering the U.S. from Central America is nothing new, it just exploded recently. To some extent it is probably due to all the talk about amnesty. In particular, the decision to defer the deportations of certain young non-citizens. But something already occurring in some small way presents an opportunity for an instigator. In short, whenever there is a reason put forth for something already happening, one can often accelerate the situation into a crisis without the media shifting the blame. As it is, the media is still blaming the economic situation in Central America.

I can only feel certain those in Washington in lockstep with the Tea Party are NOT behind it.

See the Vox news article “Thousands of children are fleeing Central America to Texas — alone” (a good overview although it doesn’t address the transportation methods)

#5 - June 2014 - Cursive writing (longhand)… soon history?

Outrageous and totally irresponsible is that most schools have recently quit teaching cursive script (longhand writing). While surely this isn’t news to parents with kids in grammar school, particularly those in 3rd or 4th grade, it may be news to most everyone else. Currently only seven states - California, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Utah - have indicated they intend to keep cursive as a requirement.

It is important, after all, as important as the memorization of the multiplication tables.

After all, shouldn’t one be able to sign their name, write out a check in longhand and importantly… read the United States Constitution? How about the Bill of Rights and the countless other historical documents? On the personal side, sadly they would no longer be able to read or write a longhand letter either.

It’s just more evidence of the dumbing-down of America. Following the elimination of cursive, the next illogical step is that kids will no longer be taught to form the letters of the alphabet in block print. It is inevitable. After all, school districts would rationalize once again that computers can do it… that there’s no need for people to draw a letter of the alphabet by hand.

Of course, only idiots would use that rationale. For one, not everyone has the money to own a computer. Or will always have the money. Nor can it be assumed computers will always be affordable. The same goes for connecting to the Internet. Likewise to assume electricity will always be available is lunacy as well .A major disaster could wipe out power-generating stations in a heartbeat. Computers would quickly become useless.

In short, to bank on computers to replace human skills of any sort is to bank on a house of cards. There will come a day it is deeply regretted. So, in the best interests of humanity - and before it’s too late - demand that schools go to back to teaching the basics.

For a good overview see “Goodbye, Cursive Writing?” (external link to a Yahoo news article)

#4 - Jun 2014 - Sanity... another take

In response to entry #3 a reader from Stillwater, Oklahoma seemingly took it to the next level - knowingly or unknowingly - by stating that sanity is a ‘gift from God’. While it really isn’t a revelation (per se) since it is commonly believed God is responsible for all things - effectively all ‘gifts‘ - but in stating it as a ’gift’ it shines a light on the possible precariousness.

In other words, as it stands we are being protected (sanity) from being endlessly tormented (insanity) - noting that whether actually the case or effectively the case makes no difference - but how long will this protection (sanity) hold up? Is the gift of sanity more akin to a ’subsidy’ and not necessarily applicable to the afterlife? As you can imagine such a characterization (subsidy) would have profound and everlasting implications. That’s assuming, of course, that hell exists and it is everlasting.

#3 - Jun 2014 - Sanity... mankind's friend

From a recent nonsensical nightmare came the realization that “sanity is the benefactor of the universe whereas insanity is the tormentor“. So happy was I to awake and experience ’the natural order’ once again. It was like 'my friend'. Even to experience endless bad things happening would be better than continual nonsense. Bad things can usually be explained.

#2 - May 2014 - The proposed 2nd Constitutional Convention

Increasingly there has been calls for holding a 2nd constitutional convention for the purpose of amending or even rewriting the American Constitution. Nothing, however, could be more dangerous.

See the 3 part YouTube video (3 min. each) entitled Beware Constitutional Convention! (external link)

For a short overview (in print) see States Apply for a Second Constitutional Convention (external link)

While a balanced budget amendment might seem like a good idea - or an amendment stipulating term limits for all congressmen - or to some way stipulate severe penalties for constitutional infringements - to try wouldn’t be worth the risk (for the reasons the video points out).

It is unclear how many states support the idea however or how many have since rescinded their applications (reportedly several). For more information see the Wikipedia entry Second Constitutional Convention of the United States (external link)

#1 - May 2014 - Politically correct or damned

While a public official should be held accountable for everything they’ve said, whether publicly or privately, to ‘officially’ penalize a private citizen for what they said in a private conversation is deeply troubling. The latest example is the secretly-taped private views of Donald Sterling, the owner of LA Clippers (NBA basketball team).

Although for ages private citizens have been verbally attacked for their privately-held views once they become known - to either be shamed, berated, heckled, insulted or of late being the target of a thrown shoe - but, in the end, retributions usually have only had minor social consequences… like not get invited over for tea anymore. However to be penalized officially, academically or professionally is different, invariably they would have monetary consequences and that is going too far.

It goes without saying, of course, private beliefs shouldn’t be made public in the first place but that, unfortunately, is the reality. Ironically - being two great pillars of society which should never touch - privacy is at risk largely due to the freedom of the press. That is, when the freedom of the press is abused. And, invariably, it takes a sadistic or perverted mindset to abuse it. Going after that juicy story is snooping and something you‘d expect from a small person. Or a peeping Tom. Or a creep. Sadly, going after juicy stories is when evil triumphs over responsibility and honor.

Besides, personal views are effectively inconsequential as long as they don’t effect policy and stay in small circles. Only when they’re made public are they consequential… to then have a negative impact on society. Private utterances, whispers, conversations and disparaging jokes belong only to those within earshot. While it is not unusual for this trust to be broken whereby others become privy - the source (or sources) shouldn’t have to fret it might go public.

While airing or printing a private incident is bad enough, the press won’t stop until they’ve whipped-up a frenzy. More noticeable now than ever, the press will persist with it until some form of retribution is suggested (not that the media would actually plant the idea - ahem). Seemingly it’s the latest tactic by the media to keeps the ’sorted affair’ going. Retribution makes the story ’juicier’.

If it is fair to punish Mr. Sterling then everyone should be punished for their private racial remarks. Whether black, white, yellow, brown or red, at some point everyone has been guilty… and unless NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is a bona fide saint, he too has been guilty, But far worse than just being guilty, under pressure to ‘do something’ Silver caved-in… issued his edict that Donald Sterling be ‘banned for life’ from owning an NBA franchise.

But it sets a very dangerous precedent.

It opens the door for anyone to be banned for life or to be severely punished in some other way. Seemingly in most danger would be journalists. Journalists would be targeted because it would be a tool to silence them (if deemed a threat to the establishment). After all, whispers can now be heard for 10,000 miles while grimaces, glares, frowns and body language can be seen for twice that far.

But also at risk would be anyone belonging to an association or labor union. Associations and unions - once under pressure - would either agree to sanctions or implement their own. That’s because the image of an institution is always deemed more important than their members.

One is also likely is to be permanently banned from working on public projects. That would happen if the authorities discovered you had EVER bad-mouthed anyone. Even that low life and chicken-stealing neighbor of yours. He’d likely be on welfare and that’s hallowed ground.

In the end, if private disparaging remarks can get one banned from owning an NBA basketball franchise - a relatively high profile enterprise - then all professionals are in danger.

Being forced to pretend (to like something) won’t make it happen either Likeability must be earned, not dictated. Nothing is gained from pretending to like Muslims, laziness, hippies, dogs, Facebook, cops or government either. It’s hypocrisy… and hypocritical societies is what largely explains alcoholism and drug use.

Furthermore, one may have good reasons for their racial sentiments which should be taken into account. For example, it’s hard to be neutral about a race or creed if often abused by that race or creed. So then, if it’s fashionable for the government to bad-mouth its enemies and for political rivals to bad-mouth each other, then why can’t we citizens do a little bad-mouthing ourselves?

Well, evidently we mustn’t because then we’ll get bad-mouthed by the media. It’s like you have to have a license to bad-mouth.

Importantly, in allowing the Sterling punishment to go forward will take another big chunk out of personal freedoms… just like NSA spying is taking out a big chunk. What’s left if you can’t privately say what you believe anymore? Must it really be a matter of whether you get caught saying it or not?

However, at the heart of the matter is the alleged ‘discrimination’. But it isn‘t just minorities being discriminated against but also fat people, short people, ugly people, old people, goofy people, disabled people, homeless people and people with missing teeth, bad haircuts and those driving old cars. In short, anyone deemed to be a social oddball.

Race and creed discrimination, to the extent it exists, is the result of that race or creed having an image problem. If that race or creed is to expect an improvement in relationships then they must work on their image. If a disproportionate number of their kind are freeloaders, robbers, complainers, pirates, cry babies, murderers, cannibals, rednecks, drunkards, idiots or homosexuals then that’s where to begin. It’s just like obstinate people, rude people, disrespectful people, snotty people, haughty people and naughty people… they will never be accepted until they change either.

“Able was I ere I saw Elba” was Napoleon’s epitaph which is now threatening to become the epitaph of all who speak their mind.

Last modified: 04/30/16