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Beckoning call of the ages

man at the podiumThe ancient yearning for a magic podium

(1st edition - Apr 2016) by A.O. Kime
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For over 10,000 years mankind has yearned to have his voice heard over the din of political and religious dominance. Importantly too, he wanted to do so without being crucified. And, there was so much he wanted to tell the world.

Especially during the Dark Ages.

Except… the sound of his voice could only carry so far and would only be heard by a few. If only he had a podium he thought… a magic podium whereby all could hear.

He wanted to impart words of wisdom to help dispense with the insanity of the times… of the wars, of the death and destruction, of the needless poverty, of the backbreaking labor and often starvation. Then there were the Catholics burning people alive on the stake… and the rampaging Moors.

He wanted to speak of freedoms, of rights.

Moreover, he wanted his words to resonate forever… lest people forget. He wanted his children to know, his grandchildren and their children’s children. In fact, he wanted everyone’s children to know from that day forward.

Of course, he knew, his magic podium would have to be really powerful… as no regular podium could do this. Not even the podiums of kings can resonate very far.

So each night he prayed… begged for such a podium. If not in his lifetime, then in the lifetime of one of his offspring. Convinced that someday this magic podium will finally materialize, he prayed his brood would use it wisely… to frequently speak of truths and depart words of wisdom..

This wisdom, he prayed, would be words about how things really are… not about how the authorities say they are. For too long, he knew, the authorities have told people what to believe, how to act, what they must do and how to live. About almost every little thing the truth as been twisted, bent and reshaped to fit the likings of the powerful.

However, he knew, some things may have gotten better over time and for those we should always be thankful… forever thankful. But because rights and freedom are often just temporary, one must maintain a tight hold. Nor does the fight to secure and defend them ever end. Not a week should pass without saying or doing something to keep them from being swept away.

So now, some thousands of years later, his dream of a magic podium materialized… we call it the Internet. In an instant, we can now speak to the world and finally say what our ancestor could only dream of saying. So now, we can speak of freedoms, of rights and otherwise help dispense with other social ills and misconceptions. We can expose insane customs, regulations and laws.

We can expose corruption and the wicked.

We can tell it like it is and make suggestions how we think it should be. We owe it to our ancestors who struggled so hard so we may live… so we might have that chance.

Poorly clad he and his wife shivered in the cold winters, worked from dawn to dusk everyday to keep themselves and family from starving,, had no creature comforts, few if any joys, had to endure the repressive dictates of kings and the church, the constant threat of thieves, muddy conditions and slop when it rained, dust storms when it didn’t. There were rats, skinny stray dogs and the everyday stink of sewage… and they tolerated all this and more for their children.

Yet, it goes beyond ’tolerating’… it is more profoundly noble. When one endures misery day in and day out for their children‘s sake it’s more like ’sacrificing’. One could even say it is a greater sacrifice than the ‘supreme sacrifice’ of death. Death, after all, would be the easy way out. For many folks in harsh conditions, it was (is) their only reason to stay alive, to try to survive.

While instinctual - true even in the animal kingdom - it is no less phenomenal.

And, the described conditions were that for many of our ancestors… our ancestors who prayed nightly that someday people will put this magic podium to good use.

So finally, after thousands of years, at the keyboard the great moment arrives for millions. So what do most people post? A picture of their stupid dog on Facebook… or a selfie on YouTube. In their free time, the unimportant often prevails over the important.

However, without supporting the infrastructure of rights and privileges, mankind’s reservoir of joys becomes further threatened. The liberal bureaucrats have taken upon themselves to take away any freedom that's easy to take. What is marvelous for us is taken so running the government would be marvelous.

But for those conscientious souls who faithfully take time to carry forward the baton are not only doing it for their children, they are also paying tribute to their ancestors. While it is common knowledge all good deeds bestows honor on one’s parents, they are also honoring their grandparents, their great-grandparents and their entire family tree.

For laggards and shirkers, 10,000 years their ancestor’s yearning, sacrificing, immense toil, countless tears, unimaginable misery and continual heartbreaks were all for naught.

Their branch of the family tree is as good as dead.

A.O. Kime

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Last modified: 04/21/16