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"Metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy"
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"A sagacious accounting of the Stone Age and the beginnings of civilization"
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Metaphysical Cavemen... a book on ancient history, cavemen, evolution and divine creation

A refreshing new look at ancient history

arrow destined to shame the sciences, religions and even government itself
arrow learn we didn't evolve from the ape nor crawled from the sea

arrow a fictional account is included (25% of the book)... a dynamic new concept

A conversation centerpiece!

book cover picture of Metaphysical Cavemen

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Metaphysical Cavemen takes an insightful and refreshing new look at the Stone Age... a matter long overdue. As evidenced by its many new observations, the book demonstrates there is an alternative method to assess the Stone Age which is superior to the scientific approach. Also, in divergence to scientific thought, the book makes it obvious cavemen were our intellectual equals. Resourcefulness, after all, is the truest gauge of intelligence. Further, cavemen would have been more spiritually enlightened, common while trying to deal with, and assess, nature-in-the-raw.

Metaphysical Cavemen also debunks Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and does so convincingly... but it doesn't take the biblical point-of-view completely either. To compliment the overall analysis, it reveals more truths about cavemen than anything put forth in the last 150 years. You'll be surprised how wrong anthropology has been.

There is more...

Further illustrating the book's unique qualities, a dynamic new dimension was added by incorporating a fictional account for effect. A delightful saga about a forward-thinking caveman comprises about 25% of the book. The whole idea of a fictional account within a non-fiction book is a unique concept which only a few authors have attempted but is proving to be a fascinating feature.

Much the same as in STD LEX (our other book), by addressing the topics of evolution, ancient history and the caveman in the manner that it does… the existence of ‘divine intelligence’ becomes all the more evident.

In summary…

This truly remarkable book will prove instrumental in the development of a process for a greater understanding in all areas. Divine intelligence (through emanation) had a great deal of influence on this book and the ability to connect to a higher intelligence becomes more believable than ever before. If you had any doubts remaining after reading STD LEX... Metaphysical Cavemen will put them to rest.

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Even more about the book... and/or read Chapters 1-2

When Charles Darwin published his The Origin of Species in 1859, he fully realized it would revolutionize scientific thought, and it did. As it concerned human beings, Darwin merely stated (within his book) “Much Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history” but it wasn’t until 11 years later that Darwin addressed human origins in his book The Descent of Man which caused so much controversy. In divergence to his theory of evolution, the creative abstract within Metaphysical Cavemen exhumes this controversy for a unique reconsideration. So in the aftermath of Darwin’s prophesy--we shall see who actually throws this light.

It all demands the 150 year-old 'persistent types' theory be exhumed for reconsideration.

In order to challenge Darwin's scientific notion that mankind descended from ape-like humanoids, now a commonly held belief but which is a particularistic error, every conceivable aspect surrounding the issue is addressed. This is not from a biblical point of view either, or based on any religious tenet, but rather based a common-sense approach, metaphysically in depth and surrounds factors previously overlooked or underestimated. But because of the nature of evidence, to overcome the expected initial resistance from science, or an established mindset, it is necessary to present it in an unusual format. Oftentimes to demonstrate the credibility of new evidence which, in this case, was never seriously applied before, the direct approach must surrender to finesse. To convince those with a fixed mind-set, evidence of a less obvious nature must be demonstrated in creative ways, each a little different, because, as an example, two or more analogies for comparative purposes is always better than one.

This book has been prepared with that in mind, especially since metaphysics is involved, not an easy subject to discuss as it relates to the caveman or anything else. You will witness different styles of delivery within the general text, in the narrative and within the incorporated fictional account and will soon appreciate the necessity for such creativity. A fictional account was necessary for effect and is incorporated throughout the book, coming and going as need be, but easily recognizable. The fictional account surrounds the life of Ashy, which begins when he was a young caveman, recently orphaned.

To academia, the century in which Ashy lived long ago would be considered largely irrelevant because there wasn’t any difference from one century to the next during the Stone Age, or so we’re told. This attitude and allowing only for the differences in tool-making capabilities has academia limited our knowledge. To say there wasn’t any difference would be misleading, imperceptible and therefore, as a historical abridgement, consistent with everything else we’ve been taught. Within these very active times there were cavemen far more intelligent than we’ve given them credit for and who had a far higher level of sophistication than ever before revealed.

This will be demonstrated throughout the book and will return honor to our forefathers instead of them forever being held in low esteem as academia would have it. We will regain a sense of pride in our heritage, subjugated for the last 5-10 millennia. The cavemen were not stupid as most believe but were more astute than modern man in some areas, understanding metaphysics and other phenomena such as the true concept of time. Before the concept of ‘time’ became corrupt in later civilizations, cavemen had a deeper understanding albeit lacking was a way to measure it. The concept the cavemen understood had nothing to do with a beginning or end and it wasn’t one dimensional as our current concept. Just how this and his other profound realizations were possible will be demonstrated throughout the book. Of those cavemen I refer to within this book, it would be those from the Lower Paleolithic times, commonly known as the Old Stone Age, or prior to 10,000 B.C.

INTRODUCTION (from the book)

"Since the early 1800’s, when mankind first took an interest in antiquity in earnest, everything we’ve been told about the caveman was based solely on deciphering a few artifacts in a one-dimensional fashion. From the rare discoveries of axes, spear-points and other stone tools, about all that could survive the immensely long Stone Age, has archeology and anthropology tried to paint a picture of the caveman as being brutish and dimwitted. These sciences not only misinterpreted a great deal and overlooked numerous factors; they’ve often plundered their respective sciences for personal glory.
Plodding along in their characterization of the caveman, particularistic and therefore in error, have they discredited our ancestors. The caveman was equally intelligent as this book will demonstrate, and in some areas, more astute, specifically about anything metaphysical. Further, due to the very circumstances of a savage, from almost any quarter, everyday survival depends upon knowledge and that knowledge must be well-rounded and far more in depth than previously imagined.
The scientific characterization of a savage and/or primitive has been totally wrong and imperceptible, also inaccurate for failing to understand the ethos of the times. What shapes the character of a people most are their circumstances and the circumstances of the caveman were quite different. Within such an alien environment, realities would be different and, as it is today, people adopt a different logic, each fitting and so, perfectly sound.
To help make my points, a fictional account of a somewhat typical caveman is incorporated into the text. It is a delightful story which, although accurately depicting those occasional times of terror, it is also full of his intelligent reasoning and, most surprising, that a caveman would have a sense of humor, compassion and the capacity to love. They were as human as you and I.
From metaphysical reasoning was this book prepared, it is not a collection of stoic data derived from scientific conventionalism. Neither is it from a religious point of view but rather from a god-given ideology, a refreshing new type of thinking for the 21st century.
Also under attack in this book is the current theory of evolution and why the theory of Persistent Types should be brought back into favor. From cause and effect, there can be subtle evolutionary changes particular to a species but not all undergo drastic changes as we’ve been led to believe. You’ll be happy to know we didn’t evolve from the ape nor crawled from the sea."
A.O. Kime

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